Hey guys, remember me?

So. When I went on tour for IANASK in the Spring, I wanted to maintain my blog as regularly as possible, but Internet access was so sketchy and intermittent that I was rarely able to post anything. That’s half the reason I bought an iPad, so I could be sure to have constant access through 3G when I went on my Mr. Monster tour in the Fall. Alas, it turns out that Internet is not the only obstacle to travel blogging–there’s also the fact that traveling wears me out, physically and mentally, so that when I finally have a chance to sit down in an airport or hotel room I have literally nothing to say. I hate saying things when I have nothing to say–that’s why my blog posts, when they appear, tend to be so long, because if I’m going to post anything I may as well post something substantial. So my brain was fried, and I didn’t blog for the whole length of my tour, and the kicker is that instead of three weeks like in the Spring my Fall tour was a full 6 weeks long. This made it even harder to get back into the blog because the longer I went with nothing, the more convinced I became that when I finally did post something, it needed to be the best post I could possibly write in order to make up for all the lost time. Finally, this weekend, we apparently rolled over into “the best post I can write right now is the post explaining why I haven’t written anything” territory, and that’s easy, so here I am. Now that the ice is re-broken, expect posts to be as daily as I can make them.

The good news is that even though blog posts were too daunting for my tour-fried brain, 140-character twitter posts were well within my capacity, so I was able to stay connected with the world that way. If you don’t follow me on twitter (or on facebook, which mirrors all my twitter posts), please do, as it’s often the best way to stay in touch with where I am and what I’m doing. I heard from a ton of people who missed my midwest tour, and that’s my own fault for not blogging about it, but I did give all the info on twitter and facebook. My twitter name is @johncleaver, and my facebook is just Dan Wells. Search for the one who’s a horror author. I pretty much automatically friend everybody who asks.

Now that I’m back, you may be wondering what I’m up to. There’s four major things to announce:

1. Mr. Monster was a big hit in the US, selling even better than IANASK did. I don’t really track my sales numbers, the way some authors do, so I track my monetary success by the reaction I get from Tom Doherty, owner and big enchilada at Tor. Before IANASK came out he had no idea who I was; after it came out he stopped and said hi in the halls of the Flatiron building. Now that Mr. Monster’s out I saw him at World Fantasy, said hi, and he smiled and said, “selling more and more with every book, huh?” He had to read my nametag because he didn’t know my face, but he totally knew my name and associated it mentally with good sales. I declare that to be: success.

2. Tor is buying my schizophrenia book, which most of you know by the name Strawberry Fields. Piper in Germany is also buying it. I’m finishing up a final content edit, and then it will go in for copy edits and such. I expect it to release sometime in 2012, but if we’re really lucky they’ll push it into late 2011.

3. My western horror novella, The Mountain of the Lord, was accepted by the anthology I wrote it for, Mormons & Monsters. The anthology won’t be available until sometime in late 2011, but it’s looking like it’s going to be very cool, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

4. I have signed a deal for a new series, but I’m not allowed to talk about it yet. Which is to say that I’ve mentioned it to a couple of you that I met on tour, but the official announcement is pending so we all need to keep it under our hats for now. It’s going to be very cool and exciting, but the deadline for the first book is CRAZY QUICK. As soon as I get Strawberry Fields wrapped up, I’ll be doing this new mysterious project non-stop for the next three months. And yes, this is one of the projects I mentioned in the last State of the Danion address, but I forget which letter. Y, maybe?

6 Responses to “Hey guys, remember me?”

  1. Alan says:

    Hooray for Necromancer logic!

  2. Way to go Dan! Its good to have you back and we here in Ohio are very proud of you!!

  3. Christoph says:

    Hey Dan, glad to see you have stopped your involuntary hiatus. So, anyway, is fried brain any good?
    I am glad that Piper bought the German rights of Strawberry Fields (am I the only one who has a very small voice in his head singing “Forever!”??), but I will stick with the Tor Edition. But as it is time to go to bed in Germany, I will refrain from doing my usual rant at translators. So, good night, glad you are doing well, and I hope to get my daily dose of Dan Wells Blog (TM) regularly now.

  4. Jenga says:

    Welcome back, Dan! I hadn’t been following your twitter or facebook (a mistake I’ll rectify), and didn’t know that you were on tour. What a relief! For a while I was afraid that you’d lost interest in blogging! Thank goodness I was wrong!

  5. Diva Donna says:

    Welcome back. Ludo has a new CD out that you’ll love. Glad to hear that you are a success in the US. Now you can be huge here as well as in Germany.

    Currently wearing my IANASK t-shirt. Always makes me smile. Not that that was the intent of the shirt, but still it does.

  6. Tanya says:

    You’re always full of good news, even when you claim to have nothing to say. Just wondering – when you’re on a tour like that and feeling brain-fried, does that also mean you take a break from writing? If not, how do you schedule it in and make yourself do it?

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