The Mr. Monster Tour

As you may or may not be aware, I’ve got a book coming out in about five weeks, and we’re already gearing up for the attack. My tour for this book will be both longer and more fractured than the last one, with more locations in more cities spread across a much longer period, giving me time to go home and be a father for a few days in between events. We’re also hitting a much wider variety of places, including a spearhead into the midwest, but at the expense of losing a few West Coast locations we hit before.

3-6: DragonCon
This isn’t technically a Mr. Monster event, but I’m including it for the sake of completeness (and because it will be my only foray to the Eastern states for the next several months). My only actual scheduled event is the Decatur Book Festival, unaffiliated with DragonCon, on Saturday the 4th.

18: Authorpalooza at the Orem Barnes & Noble
This will be a huge gathering of authors all gathered together in one place, and it’s going to be awesome. Mr. Monster won’t quite be out yet, but we’ll be taking orders and I’ll have an ARC to give away in a drawing.

23: MPIBA Trade Show
Kind of a mini-BEA in Denver, if you don’t know what this is you probably couldn’t get in anyway, since it’s exclusively for booksellers and librarians from a certain region. If this includes you, please come see me; if not, but you’re in Denver, I’ll be driving around trying to hit as many bookstores as I can to say hi and sign their stock. If you live in Denver and know any awesome places to eat, please let me know.

28: Mr. Monster Launches!
This book is awesome, guys, I’m totally serious. Much darker than the first, more emotional, and way more messed up. The launch party will be at Sam Weller in Salt Lake City, where we will have a reading, a signing, one or more giveaways, and goodness knows what else. I have a magician friend who says he can cut his own arm off on stage, and that sounds kind of eerily appropriate. More info (such as time and parking and whatnot) coming soon, but mark your calendars now. This is going to rock.

30: University Bookstore in Seattle
This was a great signing last time, and this time I hear it’s going to be even better. Reading, signing, Q&A; more info when I have it.

1: Powell’s in Beaverton, Oregon
This is one of my favorite bookstores, and they always pull in a big crowd. Reading, signing, Q&A; more info when I have it.

5: Orem Barnes & Noble
This is still tentative, but I’m really hoping we can work it out. Reading, signing, Q&A; more info when I have it.

7: Alpine School District Book Club
The Alpine School district in Utah Valley is holding a year-long book club for teachers, and their book for September is I Am Not a Serial Killer. I’ll be on hand on the 7th for the book discussion, a full Q&A, and anything else they want to throw at me–we’ll even have a bookseller on hand so you can pick up Mr. Monster (I’ll also be giving one copy away as a prize). If you teach in Alpine, please come!

8: GLIBA Trade Show
Just like the one in Denver, though this one’s in Detroit. If you can make it to the show, please come see me!

9: Mission Valley Borders in San Diego
This store really loved IANASK and asked me to come back for Mr. Monster, and they didn’t have to ask me twice. This will be an afternoon event at 2pm. Reading, signing, Q&A; more info when I have it.

10: Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego
Another one of my favorite bookstores, these guys do everything, and I’m really excited to be going back. Reading, signing, Q&A; more info when I have it.

13-17: Los Angeles
I don’t have confirmed dates or times from any LA bookstores yet, but sometime this week I’ll be signing at two or three stores in the area, possibly stretching as far south as Orange. Reading, signing, Q&A; more info when I have it.

20-23: Utah Humanities Book Festival
This is a week-long event in Salt Lake City, and I have at least one panel. I’ll give you more info when I have it.

23-27: Driving to Columbus, Ohio
World Fantasy is in Columbus, Ohio this year, and I’m going to drive there and hit as many bookstores as I can along the way. If you live in a major city somewhere along I-70, the odds are good we’ll have a signing near you. I’ll share all the info as soon as it’s final.

28-31: World Fantasy Convention
Nothing’s confirmed yet, but I hope to be on some panels and hit some local bookstores and, of course, we’ll have the big group signing at the convention itself.

1-6: Driving home to Utah
Just like the drive TO Columbus, I’m trying to line up signings on the way FROM Columbus. This should include, if all goes well, Chicago and other cities in the area. I’ll share all the info as soon as it’s final.

16 Responses to “The Mr. Monster Tour”

  1. Richard says:

    Dude, you’re so close. You gotta come to Vegas! Some people here *do* read, I swear.

  2. Sean says:

    east coast dude! please??

  3. Sean says:

    DragonCon definitely does not count. Do something in DC… you know, only the US capital?

  4. Guerry Semones says:

    Along I-70 in St Louis, Missouri area…. :-)

  5. Patrick Sullivan says:

    If you’re willing to drive out to a ‘burb from Denver, Lakewood has an AWESOME pizza place just a mile or so south of sixth Avenue called Virgillio’s, if you like NY/thin crust style. They even have real bacon as a topping. I eat there regularly because of the awesomeness of it.

  6. Will says:

    Wisconsin! We’ve had lots of serial killers!
    Madison isn’t too far from Chicago… actually, any place further than Madison, I’d need to find a ride to get to….

  7. Will says:

    Wisconsin! We’ve had lots of serial killers!

    Madison isn’t too far from Chicago… actually, any place further than Madison, I’d need to find a ride to get to….

  8. Tank Killer says:

    What about Austin! You should make it down here sometime!

  9. Sean says:

    Actually Dan, the truth is you are just so awesome that we want you to visit every city, suburb, and township in the whole of the United States.

  10. Scott says:

    Hopefully you can make it to Dallas (or at least somewhere in Texas) for the release of the next book.

  11. anja says:

    When is the release date for germany? Soon? Please?

  12. Jason says:

    What? Nothing in Arizona?

  13. Eliza says:

    Yay! I’m glad you’re coming back to Seattle. I think my copy of Mr. Monster would feel awfully left out if it didn’t have your signature.

  14. Dawn says:

    Mr. Monster came out in Germany last June. The 3rd book–I Don’t Want to Kill You–comes out in Germany in October.

  15. anja says:

    Yey! Thank you, Dawn.

  16. Hann1bal says:

    Ah, I knew there was some kind of perk for being born in Atlanta and spending the first twenty years there. And Brandon’s going to be in town, too, so Atlanta FTW!

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