I Screwed Up

Hi, Eric the IT Lemur Here. During routine clean up I did something not so routine

Which is why everything looks whack. I apologize. I hope to have it fixed very soon, at which point I will remove this post. Everything still works, I just have to un-restore some files.

Scroll way down and you’ll still see real content you came for.

Well, the positions are more or less right. Still some styles to clean up. I am so not worthy and again extend my apologies to everyone. (Especially Dan, whose minions are currently being held off by only the slightest of margins by my elite corp of ninja monkey assassin priests… General John Cleaver is especially dangerous)

6 Responses to “I Screwed Up”

  1. Titus says:

    Posts on their individual pages are showing up beneath the sidebar content for me. Is this just me?

  2. SaintEhlers says:

    *sigh* No. It’s not. Looks I forgot to check on that after I fixed the main page. Thanks for the notify. I’m on it now.

    update: looks like I fixed that. Please keep telling me if you find something still wrong. This will teach me not to keep a back up of the style sheet.

  3. Hannah says:

    General John Cleaver…I like that idea. He’d be the scariest General ever! I fear for you man.

  4. Raethe says:

    Whoops. Been there, done that, so I feel your pain.

    Just a thought: You might wanna add some cellpadding to the content div, particularly the left and right sides. (The bottom looks fine, and the top isn’t too bad.) It looks a little squished as it is.

    Oh, and the copyright notice at the bottom is either cut off or missing a few letters (it currently reads “t (C) 2008,” at least on my machine).

    Other than that, it looks fine. Hope that helps?

  5. SaintEhlers says:

    Ok, I finally got around to fixing those last few things: the background to the comments, the padding on the sides of the post, and the footnote/copyright. I’m wondering about some of these borders. But Dan told me the colors were fine. So until he says something, they stay…

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