I just wrote a huge post on writing groups, which WordPress didn’t upload and refused to save, so it’s completely gone. I’ll keep looking, but the odds of me retyping the whole thing are low.

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  1. anja says:

    I´m so sorry for you. It has happen to me very often. That´s why I alsways tipe it in Word first.

  2. Nathan says:

    Gah, I hate it when that happens. Sorry, both for it getting nuked and the fact I won’t be reading it right now. :/

  3. that’s enough to piss off the pope.

  4. Zafri says:

    I feel your pain, Dan. Even though you remember almost everything that you just wrote, it’s just too big of a pain in the arse to retype it all.
    Sorry about my use of the “A” word, it’s possible I’ve been reading too much of Joe Abercrombie.
    PS, I really enjoyed your videos on youtube about plotting and I am a big fan of writing excuses.

  5. Hannah says:

    Yeah that sucks.
    Erm, I just watched your lecture thingy on Story Structure, and it was awesome and useful. WHy don’t they teach us that sort of thing in high-school? Do I have to wait until university before Ilearn anything that awesome again? How sad…

  6. Christoph says:

    That kind of sucks.
    Still, on the plus side: my girlfriend got me Mr. Monster as a birthday present (and she is not even disturbed by me wanting to read it!! oh and yes, she does know what kind of book it is 😉 and now I can finally read it immediately!!

  7. E. Nonimous says:

    Hey Dan,

    I have a wordpress themed blog as well, and I hate when it eats posts. However, there’s a good alternative I use called “Internet Typewriter.”

    I also use it to compose stories because it’s a simple no distractions, no bells or whistles writing machine, and it auto-saves everything immediately after you write it. I think I’ve only ever lost one sentence.

    Since it doesn’t have any formatting, it’s an easy copy and paste into your control panel editor.

    I would post my name and my website, but the security measures on it aren’t the best, and I don’t want anyone to hack it (My readers, like myself, can sometimes be douchebags).


    E. Nonimous

  8. Aak. That is a subject I would love to hear about from you. Have you done a Writing Excuses episode on it? I’m looking it up.
    Sorry about the Arg.

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