World Fantasy Convention

I will be attending World Fantasy this year in San Jose, California. World Fantasy is the first con I started going to years ago when I was just starting to get serious about writing. It will be good to be back. My brief schedule is listed below, but please feel free to stop me in the hall for chat. I will have books and T-shirts to sell.

Friday, 8:00 pm: There is a mass signing at the convention center for all authors and editors in attendance. While you’re standing in line for Garth Nix, I’ll be happy to sign your book.

Saturday, 4:00 pm:What Makes a Good Monster
From Dracula through Tolkien’s Ring Wraiths to Pennywise the Clown, the monsters of horror and fantasy are often the most iconic element of a story. What makes for a monster that will resonate with the reader and why are they so memorable?
Chaz Brenchley, Simon Clark, Paula Guran, Sarah Jane Pinborough, Dan Wells

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  1. Fiona says:

    If I get you a copy of Sabriel will you get Garth Nix to sign it for me?

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