New York: Day 1

I was going to call this “BEA: Day 1,” but then I realized that BEA doesn’t actually start until tomorrow. So why am I going a day early? Because I love New York.

Here are some of the things I plan to do:
1. Be homeless. I don’t actually have a place to stay tonight, since I was an idiot and didn’t schedule a hotel until it was too late; I have one for Tuesday and Wednesday, but tonight I’m a free man. The cool thing is, being homeless in New York is it’s own reward–I could sleep on the subway, or hang out in a bar, or any number of stupid, ill-advised things. This will be awesome!
2. Crash with a friend. Just kidding, I have plenty of places to stay tonight. It’s just that none of them are hotels, and I wanted to sound edgy.
3. Go to Katz’s Deli. They’ve got incredible food, sure–they make their own corned beef, for crying out loud–but the thing that makes me truly love them is this malt thing they make, kind of like a carbonated chocolate shake. It’s seriously so awesome.
4. Eat some pizza. I really love New York style pizza.
5. Visit the Hello Deli. Last time I went to New York I stayed just a half a block from the Hello Deli, and even walked past it once, but I never went in, and I regretted it. Last night I talked to my Mom, who demanded I bring her a souvenir from my trip, and when I asked what she immediately said, “something from the Hello Deli.” We’re kind of big Letterman fans in our family.
6. Visit my publisher. Not only do I love all the people I work with at Tor, I have a lot to talk to them about. I still need to give my publicist a ton of receipts from my US book tour, plus I need to talk about the upcoming tour for Mr. Monster. plus I’m almost finished with the Strawberry Fields revision, and it’s time to really pitch it hard to my editor.
7. Meet my agent. I’ve been working with Sara for years now, and she’s awesome, and I talk to her all the time on the phone, but I’ve never actually met her in person. We have a lunch scheduled for Wednesday, and I’m very excited.
8. Oh yeah, BEA. BEA itself is going to be great; I have a signing and some kind of podcast interview, and I’m really looking forward to it. Huzzah! If you’re there, come by and say hi.

Other than that, my schedule is pretty open. I’ll keep my eyes out for awesome stuff to do, but first it’s snowing and I suspect my plane will get delayed leaving Salt Lake City. Weather is so weird.

3 Responses to “New York: Day 1”

  1. erisian23 says:

    sure you dont want to hit 3-4 more delis while you are there?
    so lets get this straight, you plan on eating, eating eating, working, eating eating. coming back?


    … wish i could go to BEA, but i guess i will have to wait for Wordstock this fall…

  2. jackie says:

    after i get over the initial hyperventaling from even thinking about new york city…my first place to visit would be ther letterman show and the hello deli. too bad its too late to get tickets for the night you’ll be home less..maybe he’d put you up..have fun..stay safe..goddess bless.

  3. Darin Calhoun says:

    Have fun bud, and I look forward to hearing more about this “Strawberry Fields” story.

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