The US tour begins!

In just a few minutes I leave for Seattle, commencing my 11-day tour of the West Coast for the US launch of I Am Not a Serial Killer. Things have gone really well so far, and I’m very excited for the tour. I’m trying to arrange a couple of extra authors to sit in on a few of the signings, so watch my twitter feed for news on that.

For full info on the tour, check out the calendar in the left sidebar. If I’m signing anywhere near you, please drop by and say hi!

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  1. SaintEhlers says:

    OK, but I can’t buy you lunch if you don’t come out to the east coast, foo.

  2. Ros says:

    So for once we got something in the UK before it came out in the US.

    It’s good that the books are going down a storm, I certainly enjoyed them. But I wonder, when someone lavishes praise on Mr Monster and I Am Not A Serial Killer, is there a part of you, maybe a tiny little voice in the back of your head, that’s saying “uh-oh”?

  3. Arlene says:

    See you in Sacramento!

    Thursday, right?

  4. Eliza says:

    I finished it last night. Loved it! Looking forward to meeting you. I’m dragging along a friend of mine who will be reading the book post-signing, too. Okay, not dragging, she’s pretty excited.

    I have never pre-ordered a book or gone to a book signing before, and I’ve rarely been this excited about a book. I’m tempted to re-read it already.
    Okay, enough waxing.

  5. hannah says:

    Just ordered Me Monster! Yay!

  6. daniel tillinghast says:

    Wow! Thanks for your great book. I read 100+ books a year, but I rarely come across a novel as creatively, interesting, and just plain fun to read. I have already ordered Mr. Monster. I can’t wait to read it. Thanks Dan. I wish you much success in the future.

  7. Mckenna says:

    You’re having a signing in Portland tomorrow night and I plan to try my best to be there but on your way from Portland to Sacremento if you’re driving you should make a pit stop in Eugene…I work at the Borders there and am such a fan of your writing. I promote your book whenever I can. We’d love to have such an amazing author drop by!

  8. Dar says:

    When are you coming to Boise? It’s not THAT far away. Just started “I am Not a Serial Killer” last night. Already looking forward to Book II.

  9. Diva Donna says:

    Where is all the love for London? I was so looking forward to those pics.

    Also will you have copies of Mr. Monster on the tour or do we have to go through Amazon?

    See you Sacramento tomorrow! It’s gonna be so FUN!

  10. M. Gray says:

    Just reviewed your book on my blog. LOVED IT. Have a wonderful tour! Wow!

  11. Vicky says:

    Hi Dan – I was at your Beaverton signing this evening, and asked you to sign a book for my friend John. You were very generous to even share your fortune cookie fortune…:) You were quite charming and I appreciated the information you shared. I presented your book to my friend and he was thrilled but disappointed he missed meeting you. He’s excited to read the book and will be tuning in to the podcast. Just wanted to let you know your kindness was appreciated by both John and I…:)
    Enjoy the rest of your tour!

  12. Jerry Hooten says:

    Stayed up late last night to finish ‘Serial’ on my Kindle. Excellent read! I’ve talked about your book to my writers group and I’ve told everyone that would listen what a great read it is.

    I am anxiously awaiting your next.



  13. MDBeards says:

    Thanks for coming by Portland on your West Coast tour. It was great to meet you, shake your hand hear you read and ask you a few questions. I must have thought of twenty more on the drive back to Eugene. Perhaps I will try for a convention you are attending and check in with you there? Here’s to a successful tour!

  14. I just finished the book, and was totally enthralled the whole time. I read it in a sitting, and might do so again in a week or so. I don’t know if it was meant to be a twist or not, but when it changed from psychological thriller to horror/fantasy I was shocked and excited and it was just awesome.

  15. Who can I pester so you come to Baltimore next time around? Or to get my local Barnes and Noble to have your book on their shelves? I wanted to buy Warbreaker(success and already devoured it) and IANASK(no dice, searched the whole store). I will break down and order, but would have been nice to leave the bookstore with the shiny new hardcover in my hands.

  16. Alice says:

    yeah! hopefully I can go to the Provo signing.

  17. Hannah says:

    Just got Mr Monster in the mail! Up to chapter five!
    I’m sick at home, so my theory is that reading about psychos will prevent me from going psycho myself…
    I got my dad to read I am Not a Serial Killer, and watching his face when he read the embalming chapter was priceless. He is very worried about me.

  18. Justin Blood says:

    Read finish both of your books, loved them both, when is book 3 coming out?

  19. Don Gwinn says:

    Last weekend, I took my sons to a gathering of friendly gun nuts (remember when Larry Correia was on Writing Excuses talking about all the internet gun nuts who read Monster Hunter International? That’s us.) in the Tennessee mountains. I was the only driver, and it takes a little over seven hours to get there if you don’t stop to sleep or rest (we did.) Sunday afternoon, we left at 2:00 pm and drove/ate/rested/drove until almost midnight to get home. By then, none of us had taken a shower since Friday morning, we were all sun-and-wind-burned, and we were exhausted. But I had taken the precaution of getting the audio version of I Am Not a Serial Killer before we left, and we listened to it together all the way home.
    Your ability to depict John’s thinking is admirable. I love it. Well, technically, I suppose I admire it.
    I do wonder whether you intended for everyone to know that Mr. Crowley would be the demon as soon as they heard his name? I can’t listen to the story without eventually singing “MIS-ter CROW-ley! . . . DUN DUN DUN . . .” to myself.

  20. Robin says:

    Dan–you should have an email address somewhere. Just saying. :)

    I met you at LDSSM–I’m the one who decided your book was more tempting than all the others there. You told me to tell you what I thought. My friend bought me a copy as an early b-day present and I (don’t tell him) stopped reading James Dashner’s 13th Reality to devour I Am Not A Serial Killer. Loved. It.

    I’m not a fan of the horror genre, but I am a fan of yours.

  21. I know you must be stopping by St. George UT for a book signing. And to drop off your latest book Mr. Monster to ME. so I can review it for YOU. I left a review of your first one on Good reads AND my writer blog. GReat book!

    Actually I already have your John Hancock in the book I have now. I just wanna talk at you. Get inside your head. Find out HOW you even thought up of this AMAZING story. Wow. Does John give you nightmares?

  22. Already picked up Mr. Monster from Book Depository. I can’t wait. It should be a GREAT creepy read for SURE! Does your Mom read your books?

    Just wondering.

    Good stuff man. Love your John Wayne. And he likeable. He really is.

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