Air Mail

At LTUE this weekend I had a lot of people ask me about air mail costs for shipping my book to the US. I just went through the pre-order system on and learned that the air mail cost comes to 6.98 pounds if you go for 6-10 day air mail (1-2 day priority mail will be a lot more). That puts the total cost at 12.22 pounds ($17.78) if you buy my book now and have it shipped to the US. Which is, if I may say so, the lowest ratio of money to awesomeness that you could possibly hope for, and an incredible deal.

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  1. Excellent reading this weekend. I almost choked on my taco when you read the part about the MC saying nice things when he wanted to do bad things (I don’t want to give anything away for whoever may read these comments).

  2. I am so excited for this book! I have told everyone I know about it since the reading this Saturday. About the ratio of money to awesomeness–I concur. 😉

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