A starred review from Kirkus

Kirkus is one of the major book reviewers, along with places like Publisher’s Weekly. They are notoriously harsh and often quite snarky, but when they really like something they not only give it a good review, they add a little star to the side as a way of saying “Pay attention: this book is awesome.” And I’m just giddy with glee, because I Am Not a Serial Killer just got a starred review:

Fifteen-year-old John Wayne Cleaver knows he’s different, but not because he has but one friend (and doesn’t much like him) and not because he regularly helps out in his mother’s mortuary. He’s different because he recognizes the classic signs of an incipient serial killer in his own personality, and he’s created a rigid set of rules to follow to keep his darker nature in check. When a string of grisly murders begins in Clayton, John’s small hometown, he uses his specialized knowledge of serial killers to investigate. Will the darkness on the outside intensify the darkness within? Especially when he finds there is much more to this killer than anyone expects…even John. Wells’s debut, the first in a projected trilogy starring a character who seems the love child of Showtime’s Dexter and F. Paul Wilson’s Repairman Jack, is an unabashedly gory gem. While certainly not for all audiences, this deft mix of several genres features a completely believable teenage sociopath (with a heart of gold), dark humor, a riveting mystery and enough description of embalming to make any teen squeamish even if they won’t admit it. Buy multiples where it won’t be banned. (Thriller/horror. YA)

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  1. Steve D says:

    I find it interesting that they don’t acknowledge that Dexter is a creation of Jeff Lindsay. Perhaps they too have realized that the TV series has far surpassed the novels in every imaginable way.

    Regardless, starred reviews ftw!

  2. Emily M. says:

    Congratulations! I just finished reading it for the Whitneys, and while I confess that horror isn’t my genre, I was impressed. Also disturbed. But really impressed. And how will I choose between that and Warbreaker?

  3. Nice, that’s a great review.

  4. Alex Booth says:

    That’s fantastic. So glad to hear that people are liking it. Just out of curiosity, Dan, how much would it bother you if you got terrible reviews? Would you let that change the way you write or do you just smile when they’re good and ignore them if they’re not?

  5. Ellie says:

    Mr Wells,
    I’m not a famous and Im only young and I love to write storys, I love to read. Im writing a story and although it’s not complete I was wondering how you get your story published and who you send it too and how many publishers? And how you, eventually, get noticed.
    Ellie Welch

  6. Vanessa says:

    That review, as you would say, is full of awesome.

  7. Diva Donna says:

    They’re gonna ban your book? What do you think? My favorite part of the review was that last line. How cool would that be to have black market copies of Dan’s book…oh wait I already do!!

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