Dead Reign: Dark Places

I am, as mentioned, a gamer, and one of the genres I love most are roleplaying games. I also love horror, making me a big fan of horror games, which pretty much puts Palladium’s Dead Reign right in my wheelbox. It’s a zombie apocalypse RPG that focuses on exactly what I want a zombie apocalypse game to focus on: the world is falling apart, everyone is trying to kill you, and you’re running out of pretty much everything. It’s bleak, and desperate, and I love it.

The first sourcebook for the game, called Civilization Gone, really didn’t do anything for me, as it felt small and incomplete, like it was all the ideas that weren’t good enough to get in the main book. That made me sad, because the game is so cool, and when the second sourcebook showed up–called Dark Places–I was not very enthusiastic. As it turns, though, Dark Places is totally awesome.

Civilization Gone added a few new zombie types, but nothing that really felt right to me; they were goofy things like smart zombies that were visibly indistinguishable from humans (which kind of ruins the whole point) and mundane things that I’m pretty sure I didn’t need, such as zombies who are slightly bigger than normal. Dark Places, on the other hand, really takes the concept to new places, creating new zombie types that we should all be embarrassed we didn’t think of before. How about zombies who are completely infested with bugs or maggots, which is not only believable but gives them a meaningfully different appearance and skillset. Very nice.

The other thing Dark Places focuses on are ways to travel through the zompocalyptic world, describing what it’s like in the sewers, and along railroad tracks, and so on. Overall the book was very fun and useful, and I recommend it for all your zombie RPG needs.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do, and which my friend Janci actually did because she’s awesome, is run a zombie apocalypse RPG in which the characters play themselves, in their own town, trying to survive. I think that would be awesome.

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  1. Fiona says:

    I don’t really have anything to say, except that I’m trying to beat our Arlene for first comment.
    i hate feeling like all hope is lost and that civilization is doomed. I did, however, use your worksheet to break down my book – character, action, enemy, love story. It was a tre’ cool experience. Thanks.

  2. Fiona says:

    Now I feel el lame-o! I just read through some of your past posts and it looks like Arlene hasn’t been as vigilant as she has previously been. Ah -well. Keep up the good work.

  3. Darin Calhoun says:

    Back in my old Role-Playing days we created a Zombie-Apocalypse using ourselves with the White Wolf game system. It was quite fun. After our game sessions every time I went into a building in real life I would always check to see where the exits were, and see what could be used as a weapon…just in case 😉

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