I Am Not a Serial Killer: The Boardgame

I have come to accept that no one will ever make a game based on my books. They just don’t lend themselves to it, in any genre, although I suppose a How to Host a Murder set in the Clayton mortuary could be interesting. This saddens me, because I am a raging game geek, the kind who answers questions like “what do you want for Christmas?” with “here’s the relatively small list of games I don’t own yet.” I play everything, from board games to card games to roleplaying games to tabletop wargames, and everything in between (and yes, there’s a lot in between). I especially love licensed games, when they’re done well, because it’s so much fun to take the characters and setting I love from a book or movie or TV show and either re-creating or completely re-envisioning my favorite scenes.

Obviously my books wouldn’t really work for that (“You rolled a critical hit a with the clock radio! Now roll damage.”), so why am I even bringing it up? Because George R. R. Martin just announced an absolutely awesome-looking boardgame, made by one of the premiere game companies in the world, based on an updated version of an incredibly popular wargame system. It has modular terrain, tons of sculpted figures, and a card-based combat system reflecting not just Martin’s world but the wide cast of individual heroes and villains from his novels. And I’m the kind of person who literally salivates just typing that sentence. What’s more, it’s not just a game but a line of games, with several expansions planned. That is nine whole colors of awesome, and as much I can’t wait to play it, I’m also incredibly jealous. Why must I write in such a non-game-able genre?

In reality, of course, I love my books and wouldn’t trade them for anything, no matter how game-able it might be; I write them because I love them, and I’m grateful for the chance. But I’m telling you now, just so you’ll know when the time comes: if I ever write a fantasy novel, it will be–in part–a bald-faced bid to start licensing it for games.

I’m pure geek, right down to the bone.

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  1. Allison Hill says:

    That sounds awesome-but I have to tell you that I am now fascinated at the idea of a How to Host a Murder set in Clayton-and I’ll write one myself if I have to. We’ll play it when you visit me.

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