LTUE 2010

This year it turns out I’m far too awesome to be mentioned on their webpage, but rest assured that I will be there with a very full schedule:

Thursday, February 11
Noon – Mormons in Horror
From the program: “There is a growing number of LDS people who read, edit, and write horror fiction. What tensions do they see with their faith and culture and this genre? How does their belief color what they find ‘scary?'”
(Dan Wells, Eric Swedin, Michael R. Collings, Eric James Stone, Lee Allred (M))

Friday, February 12
Noon – Pacing and Story Structure
This is my first attempt at a full-on presentation–no panel, no back-up, just me and a slide show for 50 minutes straight. Also: it’s going to be awesome, and you want to be there. I’m going to present a larger, more interactive version of my Star Trek RPG structure system.
(Dan Wells)

5:00 PM -Writing a good suspense/horror story.
It’s more than just blood and gore–in fact, for a lot of people, blood and gore only get in the way of a really good scare. What makes suspense and horror good, and how can you do it well?
(Dan Wells, Eric Swedin, Scott Parkin (M), Larry Correia)

6:00 PM – Abnormal Psychology and how to use it in your fiction
I can make up all kinds of crap for this, but the real draw here is Dr. Carlisle, an excellent speaker and scientist who specializes in criminal and abnormal psychology. He’s an incredible resource.
(Dr. Al Carlisle, Jess Meeks, Dan Wells)

7:00 PM – Zombies: A cultural and social metaphor
Zombies are ridiculously popular right now: what’s the big deal? Are they just a convenient bad guy to be chainsawed by a plucky heroine, or is there something deeper at work–something that speaks to us on a cultural, social, and even political level? This is one of my favorite topics, so come prepared for a great discussion.
(Dan Wells, Eric Swedin, Aleta Clegg, Marty Brenneis, David Ferro)

Saturday, February 13
3:00 PM – The Experience of Writing a Good Blog
Whoever put me here has obviously never read my blog. You poor readers know that I’m probably intended to serve as the counter-example.
(Mette Harrison, Julie Wright, James Dashner, Dan Wells, Sandra Tayler)

4:00 PM – Writing Excuses Live
Your three favorite people in the entire world talk about writing and reading and goodness knows what else, recorded in front of a live audience and broadcast across the universe.
(Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells)

5:00 PM – Reading
In honor of my book not being released yet, I will be reading a selection of candy wrappers and restaurant napkins. Plus a little bit of my book anyway, plus (if you’re good) a choice selection from the second book, Mr. Monster. I will also have books and T-shirts to sell for anyone who wants them.

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  1. Justin Swapp says:

    Dan –

    So far LTUE has been amazing. As a matter of fact, many of us feel that your presentation today on the 7 point plot skeleton (I thought you would appreciate the wording) was one of the best (read: helpful… very, very helpful) presentations thus far.

    Would you be so kind as to post the powerpoint you were using today? I know you only had 50 min, and we were all scrambling to capture everything you said, but it went a bit fast.

    We would all appreciate it!

    Thank you so much.

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