Who wants a shirt?

As many of you may know from the various conventions I’ve attended, I have these cool little black buttons to hand out that say “I Am Not a Serial Killer,” thus allowing people everywhere to set their friends and loved ones at ease. Someone was even spotted wearing on on a bus in Queens, no doubt earning many a grateful sigh from his fellow passengers. Now, thanks to the joint powers of Hard Work and Stick-to-it-iveness, it may soon be possible to reassure people with your entire torso, rather than simply a small portion of it. Behold!

SK shirt
The awesome folks at 2Day Designs (the same people who make the buttons) told me a few weeks ago that they could also make some other stuff, if I wanted it. I kind of waffled back and forth, not really certain if I really needed any more merchandise, so they decided to just make me a couple of samples T-shirts so I could see in person how awesome they are. Let me assure you that they are exceedingly awesome. They had the foresight to deliver the sample shirts at a party full of people, and every single person there was oohing and ahhing over the shirts. I couldn’t walk two steps without being asked where I was selling them and how much they cost.

So now I’m showing them off to you. Do you like the shirt? Would you buy a shirt like this, for yourself or maybe for that weird guy on the bus? Would you get one for all your friends and then hang out under an overpass, leering creepily at each passing car? More to the point, would you be interested in me setting up a web store and selling these, online and at conventions? Let me know!

(P.S.: If we actually do a web store, I will take the extra step to use T-shirt models who look a little less like serial killers than I do. Or maybe they’ll look even scarier; I could go either way. The point is, you will not long be subjected to creepy photos of me.)

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  1. Eric Lake says:

    I’d buy one for sure!

  2. Callisto says:

    ABSOLUTELY. I would buy a shirt for every day of the week, so I didn’t have to worry about running out while the others were in the laundry.

    ps. In the future t-shirt model photo, the model should be wearing a hockey mask.

  3. Teresa says:

    Yes! I want a t-shirt! 😀

  4. Bonnie says:

    Definitely! Now everytime someone asks, I can point to the shirt. That will save me lots of time. Social interaction is hard when whether or not you’re a serial killer is the first topic. Now we can go straight to something more interesting like why I am playing with the knives.

  5. Bryce says:

    I think any and all beta readers should get a t-shirt. Gratis.

  6. Dan, if you can get wholesale prices on these, you should see if Dragon’s Keep wants to sell them off the shelves at the store.

  7. Hilarious, yes…I would totally wear/buy this!

  8. Slamel says:

    I’m pretty sure I would HAVE to have one to maintain my cover.

  9. I’m going to send them to all my members of Congress.

  10. Rie Sheridan Rose says:

    I like it a lot. I’d buy one. You could always try a test through Cafe Press.

  11. ty.pitre says:

    Yes. I will buy this immediately. Like right now. If you don’t make these, I will find a local shirt shop that does and have them do it! So take my money!

  12. Melanie says:

    I would buy one! But only if you have ladies’ sizes. I wouldn’t wear a men’s one, they never fit right.

  13. I would buy one of these tshirts

  14. Richard Holden says:

    I’d buy 2 or 3, I like to wear interesting shirts to work.

  15. Jake says:

    Set up a web store. I would love one of these shirts. Besides its a chance for you to make more money. I like it when good authors make money. It means I can continue to read their stuff.

  16. Jake says:

    Besides it will help reassure the voices. I think I might accidentally scare them sometimes when they talk tome.

  17. Bryce D says:

    I agree with Howard. Dragon’s Keep would be a great place to start. Having them at the conventions would also be cool. If you want to have a web store, I’d say sell them on Amazon. That way when people look at your book, it will show them that people who liked the book also liked the t-shirt. $$$

  18. Titus says:

    Not only would I buy one, I would be the ideal model for one. I’m a certified creeper!

  19. Fiona says:

    I’m giving them out at Christmas, baby! Nothing says, “Merry Christmas” like an “I Am Not A Serial Killer” t-shirt!

  20. admin says:

    Wow. Looks like it’s safe to say the shirts are a hit. We will look into the various options and do what we can to make them available ASAP.

  21. Fire says:

    Heck yeah I’d want one! Of course I’d need an extra small baby doll tee… You’d be amazed how many people are scared of a tiny Italian woman… *Plots a Dragon*Con costume around the t-shirt, including rolls of duct tape, rubber gloves, fake blood, a scalpel, and a sweet smile*

  22. Moshe Feder says:

    Are you kidding? Of course I want one!

    (We have to make sure Publicity sees this.)

  23. stacy says:

    Yes, please make sure to have women’s cuts available. Big-man t-shirts just make most women look like they have no curves.

  24. Linda George says:

    Yes! I have a friend who needs that shirt? Her birthday is November. It would be perfect.

  25. Karen Matheson says:

    I want one for Kyle!

  26. Arlene says:

    I’m going to jump in here and say I’d buy it, but would only wear it for special occasions…like the midnight showing of “I Am NOT a Serial Killer”.

  27. Raethe says:

    I would…very likely buy one. And that’s saying something because I’m not usually all that into merch. :)

  28. Allison Hill says:

    Not only do I want a shirt, I will sell them in my store so everyone in central ohio can proudly proclaim their serial killer status. Or non status.

  29. Laura says:

    I would love one. Very very cool.

  30. Sean - Texas says:

    Dan, I could easily see this shirt going viral. It has the possibility to *gasp* make more money than your book.

  31. Steve D says:

    I agree with Bryce, I should get one “sin pagar.” And not just because I’m a beta reader, but because I’m in the actual book (the 3rd one anyway). As a corpse. I’m already wearing a Rocket Road Trip shirt at WF, so I should wear one of these too (as should you for free advertising).

  32. John Brown says:

    I’d buy one, fo sho

  33. Arlene says:

    DO you still write, Dan? Just curious. :)

  34. TJ says:

    Would love one. My friends and family will be so relieved to clear that up.

    When can I get your book here in the U.S.?

  35. Donna says:

    MUST HAVE T-SHIRT!!! I am soooo sending that to my brother for Christmas. Let’s just say his hero is the Kergan from Highlander and he looks eerily more like the psycho immortal everytime I see him.
    AND bonus he lives in San Francisco so I’m sure the old ladies on the bus would love a little reassurance.

    I want one for all my friends too, although few of them would be mistaken for a serial killer. YAY!!!!

  36. James Rule says:

    I would buy one for for sure, and possibly a few more for some of the scarier people I know.

  37. Sam says:

    I would definitely maybe consider buying a shirt like that possibly some time in the vague future.

    A more definitive answer; I love the shirt! If my wallet were to gain some weight I would definitely buy it. =P

  38. Kimberl says:

    I’m a little disturbed by how much I want one. And I don’t even like t-shirts.

    Loved the book though. Unsettling but deliciously captivating.

  39. michelle says:

    My beautiful daughter will model for you in exchange for a shirt. :)

  40. WEKM says:

    Ooooooooooo! I want one too. And when the time comes, I will gladly be the model for the larger sized ones.
    You have see me and know just how much I need such a disclaimer shirt. We poor truckers get a bad rap.
    If it will help, I will even keep my average one weak beard growth for the picture. Nothing says creepy like dead eyes and quarter inch stubble.

  41. Luke Ganje says:

    I would buy one in a heartbeat! Dan! Get on it!



    Oh. And I’m not a serial killer. Promise. 😉

  42. Lynda Day says:

    I am happy to say that we completed the order for Dan yesterday. 100 shirts will be in his procession some time today for all you fans!!

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