I’m sitting in my hotel room in Montreal, looking over my WorldCon schedule and planning some brilliant comments for my panels and wishing my phone would work outside of the US. I’ll be getting a new phone soon, I assure you.

My poor wife is asleep, completely wiped out by two and a half days running all over Manhattan. I think the convention itself will be a welcome rest, since most of it will be spent sitting down in air-conditioned rooms. This is her first convention, and I think she’s likely to remember it as five days of fatigue. Ironically, the thing that’s fatiguing her the most is indolence; she can’t handling not being productive for this long at a stretch. If you see her at WorldCon, and you happen to have a nearby garden in need of weeding, please ask her to help. It will pep her right up.

Also of note: hotel WiFi does not deal well with the stress of Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and so on–anything with forms, essentially. I’ll be lucky if this post makes it online intact.

What’s the point of all this? I don’t have one. It’s the night before WorldCon, the calm before the storm, and I’m taking a moment to sit back and collect my thoughts. I’m going to pass out a crapload of buttons at this con. I’m going to hand out a few ARCs, too, and I’m hoping to sell a bunch of books so I don’t have to lug them home again (I’ll need the room in my bags for kid presents). By the end of the week, everyone who is not a serial killer will know that they have finally met, after a lifetime of lonely searching, a kindred spirit. It is a weary row I hoe, but I hoe it with all my might.

Okay, that was maybe a bit dramatic. I need to go to sleep.

See you tomorrow, WorldCon.

4 Responses to “Conventioneering”

  1. Arlene says:

    Good luck and have fun!

  2. Patty Wells says:

    Have a ball, and send Dawn sightseeing and picture taking all over Montreal.

  3. Raethe says:

    Have fun! Good luck with the panels. =D

  4. Titus says:

    Extra Strength Bacon: Now with more strength!

    That is what you and your wife need. Though you are in Canada, which could pose a problem if you’re looking for conventional bacon. What do they call Canadian bacon up there?

    I’m expecting a proper post detailing all of your adventures after the con is up, young man.

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