Writing For Charity

A few weeks after I get home from WorldCon, on August 29, I’m participating in the “2nd Annual Writing for Charity Event,” which I kind of wish had a cooler name, but there you go. This is a mini-conference put together by a group of Utah authors and illustrators with a focus on children’s books. It’s going to have a lot of local luminaries like Brandon Mull and Shannon Hale, giving specific writing advice in panels and workshops and smaller breakout sessions. Tickets are $45 ($50 at the door), all of which goes to support the Treehouse Children’s Museum, a great non-profit facility that has a strong focus on family literacy. It’s going to be awesome, so if you’re an aspiring writer in the area I strongly encourage you to drop by.

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  1. Daniel Coleman says:

    Thanks for the info, always looking for local CONs to attend.

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