Two contests for NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE

Nothing Left to Lose comes out in just three weeks, and I’m running a contest to celebrate!

IMG_0772Win the Entire John Cleaver Series Plus the Movie!

We are giving away an autographed set of ALL 6 John Cleaver books in paperback, PLUS the DVD, also autographed, of the I Am Not A Serial Killer movie. How do you win this life changing gift? It’s easy! On June 6, when the book releases, we’ll draw one lucky name out of a hat. Here’s how you get your name in the hat:

One Entry: Sign up for the newsletter.

Extra Entry: For those who want extra credit and really really want to win, you’re going to have to pay attention to social media and answer some questions. Every week Dan will be asking trivia questions about actual serial killers; just write down each answer and save it somewhere. The final question will appear on June 1, at which point you simply send all your answers together to If you got them all right, you get in the hat again!

Newsletter subscribers also know that I’m giving out FREE SECRET stuff at my public appearances this year. Come find me in person and see what it is! Find me in person multiple times and collect multiple things! Hints: they’re limited in number, they’re collectible, and they’re gorgeous.

May 25-28: Phoenix ComiCon

June 6: NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE Release Day

June 9: University Bookstore in Seattle at 7pm – Signing and Q&A

June 11: Borderlands Bookstore in San Francisco at 5pm – Signing and movie Party

June 20: The King’s English Book Shop in Salt Lake City at 7pm – Signing and Q&A

June 30-July 2: Denver ComiCon

July 28-August 5: Writing Excuses Retreat

August 7-9: Book Events in Hungary (more info coming soon)

August 17-20: GenCon

September 8-10: Rose City ComiCon

September 21-23: Salt Lake City ComiCon

November 25-December 3: Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara

3 Responses to “Two contests for NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE”

  1. Stephanie Milner says:

    I hope this is the right place to sign up for the newsletter & enter the contest. It’s totally my turn to win… =)

  2. admin says:

    I forgot the Sign Up For the Newsletter link! That’s fixed now, but here it is for you, and thanks for pointing that out :)

  3. Sofia Hernandez says:

    Is this where we answer to the 3 beautiful things about nature? If so, the things I find most beautiful about nature is the smell of it, how much it can create, and the color of it all.

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