Who Wants to Win an Advance Copy of My Next Book?

imageMy newest book is called EXTREME MAKEOVER, a standalone novel about cloning, greed, and the beauty industry. It comes out in November, and I honestly think it’s the best SF I’ve ever written.

And I want to give you a free copy of it.

Here’s how it works:

1. EXTREME MAKEOVER is about a beauty company that accidentally creates a hand lotion that can overwrite your DNA. To help get us all in the festive spirit of cloning, I want to see your doppelgangers: people who look like you, or have the same name as you, or showed up in the same outfit as you, or whatever. Take the theme of “I am not the only me” and run with it.

2. Post a pocture of you and your copy on social media, along with a quick blurb or comment. These can be serious, funny, random–this is all for fun, remember–but the closer the resemblance the better. Bonus points for creativity, for making me laugh, and for tragically hilarious schadenfreude.

3. Use the hashtags #ExtremeMakeover and/or #NewYew, and tag me on one of these four platforms:
Twitter: @TheDanWells
Tumblr: @TheDanWells
Facebook: The Dan Wells
Instagram: @authordanwells

4. You have two weeks! I shall choose a bunch of winners at the end of September, and send you a signed book totally for free! I’ll even send a couple outside of the Us, so if you’re in Germany or Argentina or anywhere else, feel free to join in!

As an example, here’s a picture of me next to a picture of actor and personal trainer Dan Wells, holding a book written by Dan Wells and dedicated to Dan Wells. Which is which, and who is who? I can’t even tell anymore.


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  1. Zoe Pride says:

    So who won the Advanced copy. Never saw any type of winner announced. Please let us know Thank You

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