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So: Writing Excuses records more episodes than we can afford to produce.

Writing Excuses

You may have noticed, about a year-and-a-half ago, that the audio quality of our episodes shot way up–that’s because we stopped just posting them with a little cleanup, and started paying an actual audio engineer to make them awesome. So now they’re awesome, but that level of quality costs money, and that’s where you come in. We’re no longer ad-supported, so all our pay-the-audio-person money comes from you, through Patreon. Help us get up $1500/month, and we have a great big backlog of bonus episodes that we’re ready and waiting to pour down on your heads.

Most of these guest episodes come from conventions: awesome guest host, amazing interviews with authors and editors and poets, and sometimes just fascinating talks with subject matter experts who can give us a cool new perspective on a thing we don’t know about. We’re currently sitting on some amazing stuff from GenCon and the World Horror Convention, and we have more in the pipeline. These don’t fit into our regular schedule, and thus not into our regular budget, either, hence this plea for your support. We had slated these bonus episodes for the $3000 level, but they’re too good to hold on to, so we’ve found a way to pinch some pennies and get them out to you early. Please note that the episodes will always be free, just like all of our episodes: Patreon subscribers will get them early, but everyone will get them a few weeks later with no restrictions. Writing is for everyone, whether they can afford cool classes or not. So if you have a little extra cash, consider helping us bring out this content at a high level of audio quality.

Of course, if you are a Patreon supporter, we do have a few extra perks to throw your way. Our current perk is a brilliant piece of writing from Mary Robinette Kowal: Conan the Barbarian, as written by Jane Austen. Yeah. You don’t want to miss it. We put out little tidbits like this every two weeks, so check them out.

Support Writing Excuses on Patreon today, and get some super cool stuff, and help us produce these sweet bonus episodes. Thank you!

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