Limited Editions with Vault Books

I have a big announcement: the new specialty press Vault Books is launching today, and their opening salvo of titles includes two from me! I’m super psyched. These books are going to be gorgeous.

The Clayton Killer: The John Cleaver Omnibus Volume 1
The first trilogy of John Cleaver books, collected in one volume. This will include a foreword by V.E. Schwab and both cover and interior art by Daniel Serra. I’ve been involved with the press at every step of the planning, helping to choose the best people, the best paper, the best everything, and I promise you that this book is going to be perversely beautiful. We’re talking heirloom quality, signed and numbered, with a slip case and leather binding and the whole nine yards. It will also have a brand new John Cleaver short story that has never appeared anywhere else. For fans of John Cleaver this will be worth every penny.

A Night of Blacker Darkness
My historical vampire farce, for the first time ever in print in English. It’s been a hit in ebook and in audio, and now at last you can buy it in a stupidly awesome print version. This will come in three editions: a regular (but amazing) trade hardback, a limited edition with leather binding, and a super-limited edition with extra art and some other fun surprises. All three editions will contain a novella set in the same world, called A Pear-Shaped Funeral, and a foreword from one of the book’s biggest fans, a plucky young fellow named Brandon Sanderson. If you love historical vampire farces–and who doesn’t?–buy this now for you and all your loved ones.

Oh, and did I forget to mention this one?

Shared Nightmares
Vault Books is also reprinting this horror anthology, containing what I consider to be my best short fiction writing to date. All the stories are about dreams and nightmares, and my story “Health and Wellness” is about a young man who suddenly gains the ability to remember all his dreams with perfect crystal clarity.

All of these books, and everything else on their lineup, will be fantastic. Did I mention they’re doing a short story collection by Mercedes Yardley? Because they totally are, and it looks jaw-dropping. Go forth and pre-order.

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