I’m selling ebooks on USB

So I’m doing a lot of conventions these days, as you may have noticed. I work booths and sell books and it’s kind of awesome, and I love it, but I’m increasingly bothered that I don’t have a convenient way to sell ebooks in person. Some people only read ebook, or prefer ebook, and some of my books are ebook only–they literally don’t exist in physical form. I have a Partials novella, a John Cleaver novella, and a bunch of short stories and such that I sell through my website, and I want to be able to offer them to people in the real world. So I think I’ve come up with a solution.


Those are USB bracelets, containing the mobi, ePub, and PDF files for my John Cleaver novella NEXT OF KIN. I got them through USB Memory Direct, which has a ton of different styles; I chose the bracelets because they seem easier to keep track of, plus they work as extra advertising if people see them on somebody’s wrist. People seem to like them, and I’m really excited about the idea.

I’m still not certain as to what’s the best way to use these. Selling a single ebook per USB is working okay for now, but it might not be the best way. Maybe I need to put, for example, the entire John Cleaver series on one USB and sell the whole library at once. Maybe I need to put all my short fiction on it, instead of just one. I think the idea is sound, I’m just still curious to see what’s the best way to actually use it.

I had some at Silicon valley ComicCon, and I have some more this weekend at FanX in Salt Lake City, so if you want one please come find me! And if you’d like me to try some other book or collection of books on USB, let me know! I’m excited to try more cool things.

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  1. Petra says:

    Amazing idea! I not the biggest fan of ebooks because I prefer something tangiable. This idea solves that problem.

  2. Jeff says:

    Awesome idea… will be keeping them in mind for my own nefarious purposes… er, marketing things.

    Depends on the time to produce a single unit (ie – if they can be pre-loaded vs you having to manually load them once received)… and this may be a “try a variety of things to see what moves better” scenario. As a consumer, I like the idea of either series specific sets (with or without bonus materials – deleted scenes, etc) or maybe a “creative sampler” (books from different series/short stories).

    Hope the movie finds distribution, btw. Looking forward to it.


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