Bluescreen Early Access: Omar!

We’ve talked about the Marisa Carneseca, and we’ve talked about her Overworld team, and we’ve talked about her friends, but what about her enemies? She’s made plenty on her own, poking her nose in the parts of the Internet where it doesn’t belong, but her greatest nemesis is one she inherited from her father–an old, bitter feud that’s carried on to a second generation that doesn’t even understand it. The Carneseca family hates the Maldonado family, and vice versa, and Marisa is trapped in a gray area with the youngest Maldonado, Omar.

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Image, as always, by Santo Ibarra.

Omar is one year older than Marisa, and their lives are wildly different: Marisa is the poor, tech-obsessed, daughter of struggling restaurant owners, while Omar is the rich, business-minded son of a powerful crime boss. But one central mystery ties them together: when they children, still too young to understand what was going on, they were in a car accident. Marisa lost her arm, and Omar lost his mother, and if anybody knows what happened or why they were there in the first place, they’re not telling. Ever since that day Marisa and Omar have been raised to hate each other, and forbidden to talk to each other, but when Omar starts dating Anja he and Marisa finally start to get to know each other, and they don’t understand what the big deal is. But a lifetime of distrust is hard to overcome, and Omar just feels untrustworthy….

Omar’s entire family has been groomed to help in their father’s “business.” His oldest brother is a cop, ensuring that the police don’t get too close to the Maldonado’s illegal activities; his other brother runs the family’s Internet presence, too damaged by the car accident to feel comfortable in public. Their sister is practically royalty, spoiled rotten and used as a social figurehead, wining and dining the Maldonado’s various business associates. Omar, recently graduated from high school, is using his natural gifts for charm and cunning to act as his father’s front man, the silver-tongued devil who talks fast and makes deals and helps keep the business itself running smoothly.

Omar is roguishly handsome and effortlessly charming, but you don’t grow up in a motherless crime family without a little emotional baggage. Marisa and her friends trust him for now, but how long will it last?

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