Bluescreen Early Access: Anja!

You’ve already met Marisa and Sahara; now it’s time to meet the third girl in the trio. Ladies and gentlemen: Anja Litz.

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Anja grew up in Germany, the daughter of Jochen Litz, a top-ranking executive for Abendroth, one of the largest drone and nuli companies in the world–and in the year 2050, a megacorp that successful is more powerful than most nations. While Marisa and her family are barely scraping by, Anja is unbelievably wealthy, and now that they’ve been transferred to LA, her father hates it when she hangs out with her hooligan friends from Mirador. Unfortunately for him, Anja loves pissing him off almost as much as she loves Marisa and Sahara.

Anja is the wild card in the group. No, that’s not going far enough: Anja is the wild card in any group. She’s the one who’s always running off to try new things, or push new boundaries, or break new rules just because they’re there and need to be broken. She believes in change for change’s sake, which makes her fantastically curious and adventurous, but also sometimes drives her to do things she doesn’t even want to do–either because someone told her not to, or because she thinks it’s time to break out of some perceived rut (even if that rut is as simple as “I haven’t done anything stupid in a while, let’s shake things up”). She was the kind of kid who’d destroy her favorite toy just because she didn’t want to get too attached to anything, and now that she’s 17 she’s teetering on the line between “fun to hang around with” and “dangerously self-destructive.” In my head I think of her as a cross between Starbuck, Tony Stark, and Boo from Monsters Inc.

While Marisa specializes in hacking software, Anja is the expert in hacking hardware. If you ever need someone to modify your nuli, overclock your tablet, or jailbreak your djinni, Anja’s the one to call. She loves getting inside of some new piece of tech and tearing it apart, figuring out how it works, or how to make it better, or how to make it do something it was never intended to do. She can mess with your autocar or rewire the computer that runs your house–and heaven help you if you leave your cybernetics on their factory settings.

This obsession with hardware even extends to her fashion sense: take a close look at the picture above (by the inimitable Santo Ibarra) and you’ll see a variety of cables coming out of her hair. Almost everything a djinni does is wireless, but for some applications–like virtual reality–you’re transferring so much data so fast that you need a cable, so most djinnis come with a plug-in port at the base of your skull, called a headjack. Anja has a special djinni called a Huckleberry (that’s a nickname; it’s actually an HKL, for Hong Kong Limited) which is hugely modular and modifiable, and comes with a huge range of data ports. She likes to keep all of her cables plugged in all the time, and braids them into her hair as a way of melding body and machine.

Anja’s constant drive to try new things and to hell with the consequences frequently gets the group in trouble, especially when she shows up at a party with a new digital drug called Bluescreen…but then I guess I’d better stop talking before I spoil anything :)

Join me next week when we meet another of Marisa’s friends: a street thief name Bao Behar. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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