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A while ago we did a crowdfunding campaign to help my brother get out from under some of his student and medical debt, and one of the perks I offered was called Official Fan Fiction. Whoever bought it could choose one of my books and I’d write a story where they got to be in it. I was totally expecting someone to want to hang out with Kira Walker, or get murdered by John Cleaver, or maybe go on date with one of them, but the actual request was way more interesting. A group of gamers got together and requested that I write their GM into the world of my dark historical farce A Night of Blacker Darkness.

Blacker Darkness is a ridiculous book, if you haven’t read it. It’s most famously about vampires, but more broadly it’s about intense passions pointed in absurd directions. The characters are thieves and poets and gravediggers and morticians and every one of them wants something desperately, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. That’s not the kind of thing you can just casually throw somebody into and make it work, but I had an idea. Years ago I’d started a short story about a man who goes into a police station and reports his own murder–not one that’s going to happen soon, but one that already happened, and no one will beleive him. I couldn’t make the story work, but I loved the idea of it, and I thought that idea’s dark, death-obsessed tone might work well in a farce about a mortuary.

So I wrote a scene where a man goes into a funeral home claiming to be dead and attempting to arrange his own funeral, and I liked it so much that I turned it into a full novella, and now you can read it. It’s called A Pear-Shaped Funeral, and you can buy it on my website. If you haven’t read Blacker Darkness it’s there too, down at the bottom of the page. Both are, at this point, ebook only.

You’ll see some other ebooks and short stories of mine up there as well, and I’ll be posting more throughout the month.

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  1. I see you also have something called Mountain of the Lord there. What is that?

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