Yo respondo a sus preguntas de Partials

Dear English speakers: sorry, this post isn’t for you. Because I’m going to Argentina in May!

Espero que ustedes pueden entender mi espanol–estoy practicando para que pueda hablar bien cuando llego a Buenos Aires en Mayo, pero todavia necesito hacerlo mas perfecto. Aun asi, ma da mucho gusto a contestar estas preguntas, los cuales vienen del grupo de Facebook Saga Partials:

2 Responses to “Yo respondo a sus preguntas de Partials”

  1. agustin says:

    Hollo Dan,
    I’m a religious WRITING EXCUSES follower based out of Buenos Aires.
    Your spanish is very good!! Are you going to set up a meet in buenos aires? i would very much like o participate. please let me know. And if not, and your up to it I would love to show you around the city.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks! I’ll be at La Feria Internacional Del Libro, and Idlove to meet you there, but other than that I don’t have anything meet ups planned.

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