Updates on Extras Casting

Many of you responded eagerly to the possibility of being extras in the I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER movie, and I’ve been forwarding all of your emails to our Background Coordinator, Michelle Nagell. Finally we just decided to cut out the middleman: if you want to be in the show, you can email her directly!

Important Notes:

1) We can’t pay you. We’re a small indie production, and we’re not offering jobs–we’re offering the chance to be a part of a project you love as much as we do. You will have to provide your own travel, hotel, meals, etc.

2) We’re filming in Minnesota. Just outside Minneapolis, for the most part. If you can get there, awesome.

3) We don’t have a solid schedule yet. We realize this might make it impossible for some of you to plan far enough in advance, and I apologize. We’re working as fast as we can :)

Here’s a quick note from Michelle herself:

I would love to have you guys as extras on I Am Not A Serial Killer.
We don’t have the exact dates yet. Most of the filming will take place the month of March .
I know it is really important for Dan to have you guys on set and I will do my darnest to accommodate you so that happens! Filming can get tricky as time and days are subject to change with very little notice. I know many of you are traveling from a distance, so I’m open to keeping a dialogue over phone and email to keep you in the loop! If you are serious about coming please send a snap shot , email and phone number. Please put in the subject line IANASK so I can put you guys on my separate list . Feel free to ask questions! I look forward to seeing you on set !!!!!!! Thanks for your time!!!
Michelle Nagell
Background Coordinator

8 Responses to “Updates on Extras Casting”

  1. Jamil says:

    Hello, I am quite interested as I am a screenplay writer myself and as such would love to be a part of such great project. Do you have a role for an african male?

  2. admin says:

    There are plenty of roles that can be filled by anyone regardless of race or gender, so yes!

    Note: unless you have a SAG card, these roles are for extras only. If you do have a SAG card, contact Michelle immediately as they are trying to cast all the speaking parts ASAP.

  3. Nate says:

    Hi, there!
    Well, I am a mexican fan, I love the book and I if you may, say 2 things:
    First: ’cause I love the trilogy, I wrote a very simple screenplay for the 1st book, 2 years ago and I was thinking to start filming an independent film with me and my friends this March too! And it would be release as a Christmas movie in December 25th, 2015. With this, I don’t know if I can do it, you know… the rights and that things, I mean… I love the entire work of the Mr. Wells, and his world he created, that I would like make this as a tribute to his fantastic work, if you consider that there is no problem… God, I just… want to you know if I can make without trouble with you, it’ll be an honor for me have your blessing or some likeness to make my.. ‘own’ vision.
    And 2nd thing, about your official adaptation… I’m so excited, and I know that is impossible that I can be part of it, but so, I know that you’re gonna make such a great thing, and I know that no one in this world is waiting to see the film as I am.
    And at last… Thank you for make my dream to see IANASK film.

  4. gary kvitek says:

    I will do anything…looking for work…ty…gary…2182900618

  5. admin says:

    Nate, because of the movie I’m afraid I can’t give any kind of official sanction for a fan production. I wish I could, though, because it sounds awesome. Lawyers are lame.

  6. admin says:

    Gary, like I say in the post, feel free to contact Michelle directly.

  7. marissa jeanne says:

    I don’t have any super awesome reason why I would like to be an extra like the rest of the people , I just think it’d be a fun opportunity in life!(:

  8. Tracy Aarthun says:

    I have to say it has caught my interest ! so I seached and a new reader , stay warm and good luck on filming .

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