Book Contest Winners!

Last week I got a big box of ARCs for the new John Cleaver Book, The Devil’s Only Friend, which comes out in June! It’s going to be awesome. In my joy I decided to hold a quick contest, offering a copy of the book to whoever could take the coolest picture of someone reading a copy of one of my books. This is not the only contest that will be held over the next few months, so don’t worry–you might still win one. But this particular contest is over, and I’ve picked some awesome winners.

I had intended to give out just one book, but as the pictures rolled in I realized I couldn’t possibly choose just one, so I decided to pick two winners: one in the normal category, and one in the “why are you letting your adorable child and/or animal corrupt themselves with my book” category. And then someone offered a picture I couldn’t NOT give a book to, so now we have two winners and a special prize.

Main Category: Valerie Dircks
Valerie Dircks

Cute Category: Eliyanna Kaiser
Eliyanna Kaiser

Special Achievement Category: Nathaniel Darkish
Nathaniel Darkish

Congratulations, dude and ladies! We’ll be contacting you. And Nathaniel, if I find out that’s a real corpse I’m taking the book back, AND I’m telling you how it ends before you read it. And, you know, calling all the police in the world.

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