The Devil’s Only Friend: Cover Reveal

I was hoping to get this post up last week, so I could scoop and post the cover before they did, but I was so busy actually writing the book that I wasn’t able to write about it. But! I have finished the copy edit, and the book is turned in, and all that’s left is the proofing and the long, long months of painful waiting. The Devil’s Only Friend, the first of an all-new John Cleaver trilogy, is coming in June.

And this is the cover:

I love this cover. Like, really, really love it. It’s designed by Peter Lutjen, who did all of my previous Tor covers; for the first trilogy he did a “destroyed paper” motif that was pretty cool, and for this one he’s taken a new direction that I think works great. I love the type treatment, and the way the colors seem to reverse very subtly on the words. I love the stationery thing in the corner, and the medical illustration of a heart at the bottom. It’s beautiful, and it fits the book perfectly.

I can’t wait for you guys to read it.

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  1. Cameron says:

    Dan, I am a huge fan of your stuff, especially your John Cleaver trilogy. I actually met you before I knew who you were. I was at the MTG Dark Ascension pre-release with you and Brandon Sanderson. My buddy and I were two of the people who actually managed to beat your uber-nemisis deck. Anyways, I found out there that you were an author and friend of Sanderson (who I was and still am a big fan of), so the next week I went out and bought “I am not a Serial Killer”. I loved it.
    Anyways, enough gushing, I have a couple questions. For this next book will you be doing a release-type party? If so, where? Will you be stopping in Salt Lake for your tour?

  2. jake says:

    Pretty excited for this!!! do you know the release day for the UK? i got the first three in the british versions and would kinda like to get these in british as well

  3. David A. Jones says:

    That is awesome news. I’m looking forward to it.

    — david j.

  4. Cody says:


    I cannot tell you how awesome this news is. I am excited to get back into the mind of John’s. Your “I am not a serial killer” trilogy was by far the funniest series I’ve ever read and JWC is maybe the most likeable character I’ve ever read. I love the review on all the books that say “hes a sociopath with a heart of gold” couldn’t be said better. Super excited for this! However,I wish I would have found out about this in June. Damn.

  5. GabeDevine says:

    So this is out in Germany already, right? :)

  6. Katt says:

    So extremely, incredibly, delightfully, excited for the return of John Cleaver!! I was CRUSHED when I finished the trilogy and there was no more. CAN. NOT. WAIT!

  7. Lizzy Hughes says:

    Oh my goodness, I have been waiting for this day for sooo long . . . My heart is melting of happiness. I will buy this book the instant it comes out–no, too slow. Pre-order. 😀

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