Yes, I did an Ice Bucket Challenge

Youve almost certainly heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge: someone challenges you, and then you have to either a) donate in support of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), or b) dump a bucket of ice water on your head, or c) both. Then you get to challenge two other people. I’ve heard some rumblings online about how this is a useless campaign, or “slacktivism,” in which people on social media pretend to be involved with a cause without actually doing anything to help, but let’s be real: the ALS organization reports that their donations have spiked from one million dollars (typical for this time of year) to four million dollars, which eagle-eyed readers will recognize as being four times higher. If a social media campaign can raise donations by 400%, to the tune of three million extra dollars, while also generating this much awareness, calling it “slacktivism” seems pretty stupid.

*UPDATE*: The article I got my numbers from was both out of date and wrong. According to the ALS organization itself, their typical donations for this time of year are $2 million, and the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised that to more than $40 million. Slacktivism shmacktivism.

But how about I cut the crap and show you the video?

The video quality is poor, and I’ll do what I can to improve it, but for now there you go. Ive donated ALS, and because it’s a cause close to my heart I’m donating to a mental health organization as well.

Brandon Sanderson challenged Howard Tayler and I, so I will pass the challenge along to our fellow podcaster Mary Robinette Kowal, recognizing that it might be hard for her because she’s traveling. Don’t worry, Mary, there’s an ice machine right down the hall from your hotel room :)

And as long as we’re challenging authors, let’s bring some YA into this. Claudia Gray, I choose you!

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