The RUINS book tour!

These events have been in my calendar for a couple of weeks, but I thought it would be a good idea to collect them all here in a single post for ease of reference. RUINS is the climactic finale of the Partials Sequence, and probably my favorite book in the series, and it comes out March 11! My physical tour will be limited, because that’s also the same time FRAGMENTS comes out in Germany, and I’m kind of flying back and forth to cover both. I do have a handful of awesome US events planned, though, so if you’re in the neighborhood come say hi!

March 17: Atlanta, Georgia
Books For Less – North Point
6:30 pm
(I think this is technically Alpharetta. This is a new location for me, but it’s run by one of my favorite booksellers, and he always does a great job with events.)

March 19: San Diego, California
Mysterious Galaxy
7:00 pm
(My brother, fellow HarperTeen author Robison Wells, is joining me for this one. This is a great store, and I tend to get people from as far as LA at these events, so if you’re anywhere in southern California please drop by.)

March 21: San Francisco, California
Borderlands Books
7:00 pm
(How much do I love this store? It’s one of the best in the country. Rob’s joining me for this one, too.)

March 22: Portland, Oregon
Powell’s – Beaverton
2:00 pm
(Don’t forget, this is the one in Beaverton, not the one downtown. It’s also in the afternoon, not the evening, so don’t miss it! This is a great store and tends to have a pretty big turnout with great Q&A. Rob will be with me at this one as well.)

March 25: Orem, Utah
Barnes & Noble
7:00 pm
(This event will be a full blown authorpalooza, brimming over with some of Utah’s best SF, fantasy, and YA authors. I don’t know the full guest list, but it’s guaranteed to have plenty of awesome folks.)

March 26: Salt Lake City, Utah
Weller Book Works
7:00 pm
(The final, triumphant event of the tour. Rob will be with me, the crowd will be huge, and much awesomeness will be had by all.)

5 Responses to “The RUINS book tour!”

  1. Timothy Cramer says:

    How are you going to “cover” FRAGMENTS coming out in German?

    Book tour? Did you learn enough of the language already to perform a reading in German?

    As an alternative, you could give a lengthy speech in English and only speak the last sentence in German. JFK had a roaring success with that, way back in the 60’s. And after all, “Ich bin ein Berliner” is far less drama than anything you would say.

    Remember: Sarg niemals nie! (BTW, Who came up with that pun?)

  2. admin says:

    My events in Germany are almost all done like this:
    1) Someone introduces me in German
    2) I read a small chapter in English
    3) Someone reads a longer chapter or two in German
    4) I do an audience Q&A with a translator

    Though in most cases I can understand enough German, and the audience understands TONS of English, that we can get by just fine.

    The Sarg Niemals Nie pun was my German publisher. I assume my editor, though I don’t know for sure.

  3. Timothy Cramer says:

    Thanks. Just what I assumed.

    Hope to see you in Munich?

    Miss you so much on WE. Your replacements, though always beautifully rendered by Mary, just do not cut it.

  4. admin says:

    I don’t have anything currently scheduled in Munich, though I hope to get something soon.

  5. Timothy Morris says:

    Do you have it listed anywhere, when and where you do events in Germany?

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