I’m doing a Reddit AMA tonight!

I’m very excited to announce that I’m doing a Reddit AMA tonight at 7pm, CST. Come one and all!

1) What is a Reddit AMA? If you’ve never heard of this before, or you’ve heard but haven’t known what it meant, Reddit is a massive Internet message board, and AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything.” Basically it’s a chance for you and the entire Internet to interview me, live, about whatever fool thing you want to ask me. Books? Sure. Games? Absolutely. My favorite color of psychedelic sheep? Why not?

2) Where is this awesome AMA? Right here.

3) How does one participate in this AMA? The website is free, so if all you want to do is watch and read my answers, follow the link at 7pm CST and watch the shenanigans begin. If you want to ask me questions, all you need is a Reddit account, which is also free, so hooray. This link takes you to the thread where the interview will take place, and people are already posting questions; if you have something to add, just pop it in there and I’ll answer it tonight.

4) Wait, don’t you live in Germany? Yes.

5) So while it’s 7pm CST for the rest of us, it will actually be 2am for you? That is all too true.

6) So you’ll be punch drunk and hallucinating from sleep deprivation all through the interview? Quite possibly.

7) Sweet. I’m definitely watching this. Sweet.

Many thanks to Steve Drew for setting this up, and Mark Aaron Smith for putting me in touch with Steve via this incriminating photo. I will see you tonight!

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