The FRAGMENTS Book Tour!

It’s book tour time! Fragments comes out in just a few weeks, and I will be back in the States for a quick signing tour. I’m not doing as many events as I normally like to do, mostly because living on a different continent has made that difficult, but the events I am doing are going to be awesome. Read on!

March 5, 6:30pm: Peerless Book Store, Alpharetta, GA
How could I do a tour without hitting one of my favorite stores ever? This is my only eastern stop this time around, alas, but it will be awesome.

March 6, 7:00pm: Provo Library, Provo, UT (Sponsored by King’s English)
Home again! This event will be big: not only is it my home town, but it’s the first stop of a Harper Dark Days tour, featuring a massive group of incredible authors–Debra Driza, Claudia Gray, Lauren Oliver, and Kiersten White with a special guest appearance by Brodi Ashton. Now you understand why they’re doing it in such a big venue.

March 7, 6:30pm: University Books, Seattle, WA *U District Location
The second stop of the Dark Days tour.

March 8, 6:30pm: Barnes & Noble, Clackamas, OR
This is our Portland event for Dark Days, held in Clackamas because…why not? I’ve never been to Clackamas. Come one and all.

March 9 — Double the Events!
10:00am: Tualatin Public Library, Tualatin, OR **location changed**
4:00pm: Eugene Public Library, Eugene, OR **location and time changed**
We’re canvas the state of Oregon so thoroughly they’ll never know what hit them. This is our final stop on the Dark Days super tour, so come see the whole group.

March 10, 3:00pm: Borderlands Books, San Francisco, CA
Have I told you how much I love this bookstore? Borderlands is the only store I know that is constantly, tirelessly improving itself. It is somehow physically better ever single time I go, and I go once or twice a year. Come spend your Sunday afternoon with us!

March 11, 7:00pm: Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA
My final stop on the tour, and another of my favorite stores–I didn’t hit all my favorites this time, but the ones I did are spectacular. Come say goodbye before I wing my way back to Germany.

I’ll be in North America a few other times throughout the year, most notably the Writing Excuses Retreat in June and Vcon in October. I’d like to hit WorldCon and/or DragonCon, but I’m not holding my breath. Most of my events this year will be in Europe, and I’ll start announcing those appearances soon, including Germany, France, England, and as many others as I can manage.

If I’m in your area, please come say hello! I will deface your books and ask for good restaurant recommendations. AND, if I’m in the mood, I might read a little snippet here and there of some of my upcoming projects. It will be awesome.

I’ll see you soon.

15 Responses to “The FRAGMENTS Book Tour!”

  1. Exciting. I hope to make it to the Provo book signing.

  2. N Suso says:

    Will we need to pay to get into the Provo Marriott event?

  3. admin says:

    No admission charge of any kind, for any of the events.

  4. Melanie says:

    Oh Dan… I wait for years for the opportunity to see you in Seattle now that I’m there, and you’re coming when I’m in Vegas! Come back soon, okay?

  5. Arlene Eck says:

    Hey! Just read some nice editorial reviews for Fragments on Amazon. Can’t wait to read it. :)

  6. Sariah says:

    I want to come out to a signing! You need to come out to New England for your next tour!

  7. Brodi Ashton says:

    Hey Dan! Can’t wait to sign with you at the Provo event! Quick question: I think it’s at the Provo Library, not the Marriott. So I guess that’s not a question. But oh well. :) See you soon!

  8. Arlene Eck says:

    I’m thinking of driving over from Reno. How long will you be signing?


  9. Arlene Eck says:

    I should clarify. I’m thinking of driving over to San Francisco.

  10. admin says:

    I’ll probably only be in the SF store for an hour, maybe an hour and a half.

  11. Krista says:

    OH was so bummed I was supposed to be there on March 8th B&N and we were packed and ready to go mini-vacation from Utah and then the weather was horrible a storm hit. Better luck next time. Dark Days tour too a end and I am sorry I missed you. When are you going to be in Southern Utah? Maybe next book:) Congrats on the tour:) Love your writing!

  12. Rse says:

    I have a review copy! Hopefully my review will be up tomorrow, I adore this series.

  13. Hannah says:

    Off topic, but how is the Germany adventure going? I ran into a story about a German family in the US seeking asylum so they can choose to homeschool their children. Uwe and Hannelore Romeike are the parent names. It sounds weirdly totalitarian from what I can find in news articles here. Does the law look that way from over there? Is your family affected by it?

  14. Angie says:

    Omg! I finished readin fragments…………..Is that it!?
    Omg help!is there a third book, it must continue!!!!Pleeeeaaaassseeee tell me your writing the third book! please!

  15. Shania says:

    Please say their is another one you cannot just leave it on a big cliff hanger and not do another book please do another one please i love this series.

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