The FRAGMENTS book trailer is here!

When PARTIALS came out the publisher wanted to do a book trailer, but my editor ( Jordan Brown) and I didn’t want to do a normal trailer. This was a chance to do something weird and cool, and Jordan and I are all about weird and cool, so we hit on the idea of ‘found footage.’ Instead of just telling you about the story, we’d give you a new piece of it that you couldn’t get anywhere else–actual film or video from within the world of the book. 

That first trailer was a corporate video from ParaGen, the company that created the Partials, presented as a stockholder video telling ParaGen’s investors all about how much money the Partials would make them. There was nothing about the story or the characters, but the message of hubris came across loud and clear: this was a society playing God with the powers of life and death, and they were ripe for an apocalypse. 

Now we have a trailer for FRAGMENTS, the second book in the series, and we’re following the same tactic, with a different flavor. Pride was the perfect story to tell in the first trailer, but things have changed now: we’ve already met the Partials, we’ve seen the differences between us, and we’ve seen the world fall apart because of them. FRAGMENTS isn’t about the pride that ends the world, it’s about the hatred and fear that stops us from rebuilding it, and so our new book trailer is about that fear, and the irreconcilable differences it created–and nothing says irreconcilable differences like a political ad.

Here for your pleasure is another bit of found footage from the boundless files of Afa Demoux, archivist of the end of the world.

4 Responses to “The FRAGMENTS book trailer is here!”

  1. Rhys says:

    The trailer for Partials was excellent – it looked more like viral marketing for a feature film like Prometheus than a book trailer. Similarly, the new trailer plays on the whole campaign video – it reminds me of Mitt Romney’s much bashed TV advertising campaign – so good work!

  2. David Lein says:

    The new trailer is awesome. I am really looking forward to the next book. We finally picked up the first book for our school library and will be promoting the heck out of it as soon as a certain teacher brings it back.



  3. A R Vapor says:

    Wow! I haven’t read Partials yet (I will soon, though), but this trailer looks really well done, more creative than most book trailers! Good job!

  4. Harry Brake says:

    Thanks for autographing your book for me at ALAN and you can see the review and your book here! Thanks so much!

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