Dan’s Heist Game Prototype

As promised, the prototype is here! Anyone and everyone who’s interested in helping to playtest, dive in. I’ll use this page to guide the playtest (unless it gets unwieldy), so please leave your comments below, and be sure to let me know your name–I want to properly credit everyone for their contributions if this eventually gets published.

The file is here: Heist Game Prototype v1
All the instructions you need to prepare the prototype and play the game are right there in the file. Have fun!


November 14, 2012: This is the first draft. The basic game is pretty smooth, but the advanced game needs a lot of work. Play the basic game first, see how it works, and then dive into the advanced game and tell me what you think. I know what I think the problems are, but I want to hear what you think they are.

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  1. Stephen says:

    Do you have a proposed timeline for testing? My family are board gamers and we’d love to test, but we won’t be together until Christmas.

    We’ll probably try it anyways, but nice to know if it will be helpful by that point or not.

  2. admin says:

    We will definitely still be testing by Christmas. Keep checking back, though, as I might have new notes or rules changes by then.

  3. thehunbun says:

    My family played the basic version of the game tonight. We didn’t have time for the advanced version, but we plan on playing it in two weeks after Thanksgiving. The first time we played it, we had four players and the second time we had three. It worked well with four players, but with three players it felt like one person always had the majority of the influence. The influence was more balanced with four players.

    We weren’t sure if wildcard characters counted for faction bonuses. For example, if we have a mastermind, a thief, and a wildcard for a job and the mastermind and thief are from the same faction, do we get two faction bonus points or three?

    Also, we wanted to trade characters in addition to buying the three new characters after the bidding was over. We’d be willing to trade character for character or character for influence at the discretion of the players involved in the trade. It would add another layer of intrigue to the game (we really liked the bidding/intrigue aspect, that was the most fun part) and there were times that we wanted to try and trade with other players.

    Overall, we really enjoyed the game. It was fun trying to figure out a strategy, and the personalities involved got into the bidding wars. We’re looking forward to the advanced version!

  4. Andrew says:

    Interesting idea for a game. The basic rules make for quick fun games, the advanced has a lot of promise. A couple things that stuck out to me….You may want to make placing plot complication cards optional, otherwise it favors players who bid high on jobs early on. For instance, in a 5 player setup, the first person to attempt a job would have 6 feat cards to try to foil 4 complications and money on subsequent rounds to buy more cards, while the last person to attempt a job will have placed complications each round and has no money yet to buy new plot cards, so he/she will only have one feat to foil 4 complications and potentially less money from a win. Perhaps the jobs should limit the plot cards that can be used in it. For instance, you might not be able to play a VAULT plot complication on a steal a horse job, or PASSWORD on Armored Car, etc.

  5. Andrew says:

    I just reread the instructions and realized I had been playing it wrong, that placing complications was a choice, not a requirement. You can strike that from my previous comment. I still stand by limiting complications for jobs that don’t fit though.

  6. Andrea says:

    Looks pretty good! I wonder if there would be some way to do this as a large-scale LARP, also…?

  7. Timothy Morris says:

    What do you use the money for in basic play?

  8. Timothy Morris says:

    Some more questions. If some one fails a job can some else or the same person do that job again? Once you use a character for a job you can’t use them for another job can you?

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