Ten Years

Today is my tenth anniversary, and let me tell you, it is awesome. My wife, Dawn, is the most wonderful person in the world, and we couldn’t be happier. I’m incredibly grateful for everything she does and says and puts up with, and I assure you that there would be no book without her support.

This morning our two oldest kids (ages 6 and almost-8) made us breakfast in bed, by which I mean they poured us some cereal and brought it in with handmade cards. The awesome part is that they poured the cereal and the milk before making the cards, so by the time they came into our room we were essentially eating bowls of peat moss, but since it was Quaker Oat Squares peat moss (the best cereal in the world) I still loved it. I have awesome kids, and an awesome wife, and an awesome job, and I guess that means something terrible is about to happen. But I’m going to ignore that for a while and enjoy this day while it lasts.


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  1. Arlene says:


  2. Callisto says:

    Congratulations to you both!

    To Dawn:
    Thank you for being so supportive to Dan, because without you, I wouldn’t have John Cleaver to fantasize about. ^_^

  3. Callisto says:

    Whoa. Suddenly I’m not the first comment…ator. Rats! Maybe you (Arlene) can be my Scalzi?

    *raises fist to heavens* ARLEEEEENE!!!

  4. Jenny says:


  5. Titus says:

    I wackyparsed the end of the first paragraph as “…I assure you that there would be no kids without her support.”

    Callisto, ITYM “Come on Arlene.” (Betcha never heard that one before, Arlene.;)

    Dan, happy anniversary.

  6. Arlene says:

    Gotta be fast…and lurk on this page like 24/7.

  7. admin says:

    Titus, I can safely say that that’s the best anniversary card I’ve ever gotten.

  8. Callisto says:

    I DO lurk on this page 24/7. That’s why I was so consternated at being beaten to the first.

    Also, I have only 13 hours until my last final is over! That means I can FINALLY open up the package that contains my very own unread copy of I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER! Hooray! Hooray for exclamation marks!

  9. Arlene says:

    I can’t believe you have that kind of will power. It’s unprecedented.

  10. admin says:

    I can’t believe you lurk here 24/7 when you haven’t even read the book.

  11. Arlene says:

    It’s not that shocking. You’ve demonstrated your prowess with the keyboard right here with rather delightful little tidbits.

  12. readerMom says:

    Congratulations! Any big celebration plans? Ten years deserves a weekend, if not a cruise, large amounts of flowers and nostalgic reviewing of wedding photos.

  13. Callisto says:

    It’s rather fangirlish of me to lurk like this, I know. I’ve been listening to Writing Excuses for about a year now, so I’ve been a Dan Fan for a long time. I read the first chapter of IANASK on the Writing Excuses Season 1 CD, and since then I’ve been dying to read the rest. But now finals are over and I can read as much as I like. 92 pages in so far and lovin’ it!

  14. Fiona says:


  15. Callisto says:

    AAAA!!! I finished a couple of hours ago! Wow. Holy cow.

    Fantastic book, Dan. Really astounding. I think trying to pull of a first-person sociopath has gotta be one of the trickiest viewpoints an author can tackle, but you did it with flying colors. John was (is) so real to me. You had me sucked in right through to the end, and by then I was reduced to an incoherent, sobbing fool.

    Also, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to sleep tonight. Congratulations.

  16. Arlene says:

    Callisto, I applaud you. I think you beat my time. :)

  17. Steve D says:

    Happy Ten Years to you and Dawn! Who wudda thunk that a Cylon could do it? Then again, maybe it isn’t surprising…I’m creeping up on 8 years myself…I mean, err, I’m no cylon!

  18. Raethe says:

    *Snrk* Nice save there, Steve.

    Congrats, Dan!

  19. Arlene says:

    Aaaaaaaaagh! Post something new, Dan! I can’t take it anymore!

  20. Arlene says:

    Come on, Callisto. I know you’re thinking the same thing.

  21. Callisto says:

    Drat! I was. Post, Dan, post! I’m shocked at myself for having not checked up on the site since this morning.

    In my defense, however, I have been celebrating the summer holiday by watching inordinate amounts of Star Trek: OS and The Big Bang Theory episodes.

  22. Callisto says:

    Ah… that made more sense in my head. Apparently the late hour is affecting my ability to transmit lucid thoughts through the keyboard to the computer screen.

    Hey! It’s 2 am, not 1! A claim to nighttime incoherency is not valid unless the hour is moderately past 1 am.

    Also, I’ll shut up and get some sleep now.

  23. Callisto says:

    Anyone want to teach me how to play three-dimensional chess?

    Really – shutting up.

  24. Raethe says:

    Three dimensional chess? Is that where you jump up and down while you’re moving the pieces?

  25. Callisto says:

    No, although your idea does sound like an enjoyable variant on traditional chess.


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