A new PARTIALS tour, and other notes

Sorry about the wait; I’ve left you guys hanging for two weeks without a new blog post, mostly because I’ve been buried up to my armpits in the manuscript for PARTIALS 2. It’s turning out to be one of the hardest books I’ve ever written (the other hardest was MR. MONSTER–I think book twos are just hard for some reason). Never fear, though; I feel like I’m wrestling a crocodile with this book, but when it’s done it will be that much better. Since everyone’s asking, book 2 will be on shelves and ready to be devoured next spring, in late February/early March of 2013. And yes, I’ll be flying in from Germany to do a US tour. Huzzah!

Speaking of tours, I’m starting a new round of book signings TODAY, beginning at 6:30pm in West Jordan, UT, at the Barnes and Noble in Jordan Landing. I’ll be signing, reading, answering questions, and then going out to eat afterward, and anyone who wants to come hang out is welcome to join me for all of it. If you want to ask me about Partials, about John Cleaver, about how to get published, or about anything at all, this is a perfect opportunity.

On Wednesday I’ll be doing pretty much the same thing, except I’ll be doing it in Dayton, OH, and I’ll be accompanied by super awesome authors Kimberly Derting and Jill Hathaway as part of a HarperTeen DARK DAYS tour. If you like my books, you’ll love theirrs, so come on by at 7pm at Books & Co.

Thursday, Kimberly and Jill and I will be in Chicago, or technically in Naperville, at Anderson’s Bookshop at 7pm.

Friday, all three of us will be in Boston (actually nearby in Burlington) at the Burlington B&N at 7pm.

If you live in or around these cities, please come say hello! I’m excited, because I’ve never signed in any of these places before, so I need shouting and support and recommendations of good restaurants. Somebody in Atlanta last month had me sign five glossy pictures OF MYSELF–can any of you beat that? (Note: I’ll actually sign glossy pictures of anybody. I’m not picky.)

After this week, I’ve got two local conventions in Utah and then a giant 3-week megatour in July for the launch of my upcoming novel THE HOLLOW CITY. More details on that when we get closer.


8 Responses to “A new PARTIALS tour, and other notes”

  1. Cyndi says:

    I don’t live in or around these cities. But I want to have a book signed, listen to a reading, ask you lots of questions about Partials, The Hollow City, John Cleaver, fearful symmetry, Germany plans, Dan Wells and how to get published. (This the only time I’ve ever wished I was back in Utah.)

  2. Dang, I missed your signing yesterday close to my house. and lunch would’ve been fun, too. Maybe next time. Have a great tour. How’s Germany?

  3. Curses! I’m losing ground to freaking Marcus in the poll! Come on people, Skinny was way more awesome than Marcus (or Jayden for that matter). Vote for me!

  4. I have to wait A YEAR??????? Darn it kinda wish I had not found this book now. Not yet at least, I hate waiting. Great book.

  5. Paxton O'Bryan says:

    I just finished your Partials novel today, I am very pleased to hear there is a second book in the making. I’m more than excited for it to hit the shelves in 2013, I wish it was sooner, but I know how hard it is to write a sequel. Good luck with your signing and can’t wait to read your next book!

  6. Liesel Hill says:

    Sounds great, Dan! I’m not close enough to West Jordan, but I don’t suppose you’ll be in Northern Utah again any time soon? I’m excited to read your new book. It sounds great! You may not remember me but I met you several years ago when you did a storyboarding presentation for the League of Utah Writers. I’m a bit behind in reading your books but I’ve been a fan of yours ever since. Have fun on your tour and good luck with everything!

  7. Lee Falin says:

    So will you still be doing Writing Excuses after you move to Germany?

  8. Nan says:

    Ha to all you guys, I just bought a signed copy!

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