Fantastic Numbers

0, 1, 9, and 37.

But there are other numbers that are also fantastic, for completely different reasons. I just got a sales report from Headline, my UK publisher, and the first month of sales for I Am Not a Serial Killer was really awesome–a lot better than I thought it was. Sales were split more or less 50/50 between UK sales and foreign exports (weighted slightly toward the UK), so many thanks to all of my readers from all over the place. Keep reading, and keep sharing the tapes!

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  1. L.T. Elliot says:

    Hey, if you think the UK sales are great, just wait for the US release! I think I can be safe in saying that I know Arlene and I will rock the scene for you!

  2. Arlene says:

    You bet!

  3. Arlene says:

    So, when will the second book be available in the U.K.? I’m curious to see which direction it will take. Am I too much of an optimist? I confess I REALLY want John to rise to the occasion. I want him to ultimately be good.

  4. Callisto says:

    Count me in to “rock the scene” when the book comes out in the US! I can’t wait for my UK copy to come in the mail. I’ve been on edge all week, anticipating its arrival.

  5. Steve D says:

    As I recall, the UK releases will be 1 year apart. The US releases will start next year with subsequent volumes coming at 8 month intervals (all in hardback from Tor-Horror). Seems like I also remember Dan telling me the final volumes of the US and UK releases will be released in the same month.

    I get that right Dan?

    As for the follow-ups, they are awesome. They are significantly darker in some aspects (as you might expect of a growing boy/serial killer). I personally felt they improved with each volume. I read Volume 3 in a day at work when Dan sent me the draft.

    I’m really excited for his next project – I had a similar idea for a story, but scrapped it once Dan said he was doing the idea. He’ll do it better than I would have, so I’m way excited.

    Hurry up, Dan!!

  6. L.T. Elliot says:

    I’m usually pretty good about maintaining my inner monsters but I have to say, Steve, that the green-eyed one is clawing its way free. I’m dying to get my hands on the following books and you’re already into the next SERIES. Man. To be you.

  7. Callisto says:


  8. Steve D says:

    it’s true, it is awesome to be me. all the cool kids are doing it.

    really though, the reason I get to read his stuff early is because i am pretty well read, have a degree in business/marketing, and I used to manage a bookstore. these random factors make me a good alpha reader.

    plus I want everyone’s anticipation to be built up well in advance of the releases of the following books. it makes for a greater sales volume, and a more loyal fan base.

    ok, and there is the good-natured jealousy that i like to encourage. it makes me feel like i am still important (you’ll have to ask Dan about that last reference).

  9. admin says:

    Steve used to be, but is no longer, important. He is also a cylon.

  10. L.T. Elliot says:


  11. Steve D says:

    Accusing me of being a cylon?! That’s something a REAL cylon would do!

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