New poll: give me some age ideas

In trying to decide precisely how to market I Am Not a Serial Killer for the US, we’re exploring the question of age groups (adult or YA) and maturity. Please fill out the poll and then post your reasoning here: is it too graphic for children under a certain age? Too simplistic for adults over a certain age? Are there themes that teens should avoid, or themes that teens should be exposed to? Let me know.

4 Responses to “New poll: give me some age ideas”

  1. Bryce says:

    I said 12 years old, but I considered going lower than that. As a librarian, I’m very hesitant to dictate what age someone HAS to be to read something. Yes, it’s a graphic book. But then again, parents take four year olds to see Spiderman or Lord of the Rings, which have decapitation, torture–you name it. I could see some younger kids being okay with the book, but I’d say that 12 is a likely minimum age from a teacher/librarian/parent POV. Even more likely is that they’ll say at least 14. There’s no such thing as “themes teens should avoid.” It all depends on the teen.

  2. Steve D says:

    I’m with Bryce. It really depends on the kid. However, I will say that the first book is far more tame than books 2 and 3. for that reason I’m looking at the 14-15 for the series as a whole. I saw 4 year olds in the movie 300, so who the heck knows what parents are thinking.

    In short, it depends. My own cousin (15) is, in my opinion, not mature enough to read it. But I know several kids who are 10 who might be. I’d say 14 or 15 is a safe number though if not more because of the understanding required to get what is going on.

    It all depends on the teen.

  3. Patty Wells says:

    I agree with the others. The first book is much more tame than 2 and 3, so around 15 for the series, allowing for the maturity and interest of the teen.

  4. Arlene says:

    I said fourteen. It was simple. I asked myself if I would recommend it to any of my nieces and nephews who are twelve and the answer was ‘no’. However, I would give it to the fourteen-year-olds.

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