Dark Days Winter: Partials Book Tour – Massachusetts

Dark Days Winter: PARTIALS Book Tour
With Kimberly Derting (THE LAST ECHO), Jill Hathaway (SLIDE), and Dan Wells (PARTIALS)

April 18th @ 7:00pm: Books & Co (Dayton, OH)

April 19th @ 7:00pm: Anderson’s Bookshop (Naperville, IL)

April 20th @ 7:00pm: Barnes & Noble (Burlington, MA)

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  1. Sam H. says:

    I have one thing to say: Get busy. I just finished Partials and i would very much like to have the second book by tomorrow if you will. You can mail me the manuscript at my address, which i can give to you in an email. So get it done. And send it to me. This is of the most importance.
    I can’t believe you let Samm [redacted]!!! How could you? and kill off [redacted]? [redacted] played an integral role in the book! Authors….psht. Just because you wrote the book does not mean you get to kill off anyone you like!
    On a second note, i think we all know that Kira is going to [redacted]. And as to [super-redacted]? Well, [redacted].
    So yeah. Get me the manuscript. Pronto. Please and Thank you!

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