Epic Puzzles & Games Magic Midnight to Morning

Epic Puzzles & Games in West Valley, UT, is hosting a pre-release tournament introducing the new gothic themed set of Magic, the gathering from midnight to morning.

Epic Puzzles & Games
Date and Time: September 23rd, 2011
Time: Friday at midnight to Saturday morning!

Come to the tournament, open the shiny new cards, and play a few games; as soon as you kill a demon, shout it out and win a prize:

The John Cleaver Award: The first person to kill a demon wins a signed copy of I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER.
The Mr. Monster Award: The first person to kill two demons wins a signed copy of MR. MONSTER.
The Serial Killer Award: The first person to kill three demons wins an I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER T-shirt.

If you’re a Magic player of any kind, hardcore or casual, Pre-release tournaments are a blast–they’re very fun, very laid-back, and a great way to see the new cards. The new set, Innistrad, is full of imperious vampires and slavering werewolves and frightened peasants with pitchforks. Come by and hang out this Friday night at midnight. It’s going to be awesome.

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