And now: the cover of PARTIALS

I’ve talked about it, I’ve dropped hints about it, and I’ve even asked for your help coming up with future-y swear words and apocalyptic terminology. Now it’s time to show you the cover, so without further ado:

I love this cover. It’s simple, evocative, and gorgeous; I love the typeface, the color palette, the whole thing. My only comment to the designer was that instead of on the side, my name should be in the center, as the girl’s lower back tattoo, but they didn’t go for that. Probably wise, as the character’s actual lower back tattoo says “This Space Left Intentionally Blank.” I’d hate to have a non-canonical cover.

The title, and the little catchphrase above it, refer to the Partials: a race of artificial people engineered in a lab, designed to go overseas and win a war for us. They won, and they came home, and after several years of oppression and marginalization they rebelled. Part of their attack was the release of another engineered organism, this time in the form of a virus that wiped out 99.994% of the human race. The few survivors in North America gathered in, or were herded to, Long Island, where they’ve tried to rebuild their lives and discovered that the virus is still there, as deadly as ever, and so far none of their children have been born immune. The book begins eleven years later, as a young medical intern named Kira begins to tries desperately to cure the virus and save humanity.

The book is awesome: lots of science, lots of adventure, a fair amount of romance, and a healthy dose of things blowing up (including at least one major landmark, which was perversely fun to write). It comes out on February 28 from Balzer & Bray, and I’ll be touring both online and in real life. Mark your calendars, tell your friends, and stock up on canned food and ammunition. The apocalypse is coming.

(Addendum: Why is this book with Harper instead of Tor? Nothing weird or saucy; Harper approached me to ask if I was interested in writing a YA post-apocalypse series, so I came up with this and they loved it. I will continue to publish with Tor, and in fact my next book with them, THE HOLLOW CITY, comes out in July of the same year.)

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  1. This looks awesome. It is probably the OCD in me, but I particularly like the placement of your name between the power poles. Very deliberate and well thought-out.

    On another note, if you’re open to it, I’d like to interview you blog-style when you are doing your virtual tour.

  2. Matthew Watkins says:


  3. minnmass says:

    I love that Google-searching “99.994% of the human race” brings this up as the top link (I was looking for a “remaining population” estimate).

    Gorgeous cover; shame I don’t have the color nook…

  4. Justin says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to it.

  5. Love the cover, although I think she needs DAN WELLS tattooed on her shoulder (who doesn’t?). Can’t wait to read this one.

  6. Great cover. Hope the contents as good.

  7. Alissa Leonard says:

    I love it! The cover definitely does it’s job. I would totally pick this up even if I didn’t know it was from you…Of course, since I do it’s completely superfluous, but well done all the same. I’m looking forward to reading it. I probably won’t see you on tour since you never come here, but I hope it goes well for you anyway!

  8. MKHutchins says:

    Wow. Gorgeous. Isn’t it mean to tease us with shiny covers before we can read the book?

  9. Mary says:

    Oh wow – love the cover. Love her hair flipping in the wind. Love the dirty once paved road leading to New York. The story sounds good too. How cool that Harper approached you.

  10. Can’t wait. That is an awesome cover. I love how the telephone poles are in front of the title.

  11. Heather Muir says:

    This looks fantastic! I’m going to promote this book as far as I can reach on the internet. I hope this is a big hit for you Dan. You deserve it. You’re an awesome writer and person.

  12. Natalia says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait to pick up a copy and read it (especially after all your teasing here!).

  13. Brent says:

    Awesome cover! I’m looking forward to reading it. And for the first time with your books I don’t have to order it from the UK!

  14. Clifton Hill says:

    Sounds great, cover looks awesome. Best of luck. Write on!

  15. Love the cover and the whole idea for the book. Can’t wait to read it and see what words you chose for the swear words and apocalyptic terminology.

  16. Wow, it looks awesome. I’ll be sure to pick it up!

  17. MrMagicKoala says:

    That’s a brilliant cover! Oh and this is completely unrelated but I have been a huge fan of the Hohn Cleaver series since ‘I Don’t Want to Kill You’ came out, and I just heard that it it is supposed to be the last book of the series. I am devastated and shall most likely suffer withdrawal symptoms. Or are you planning to continue the series? (Please say yes)

  18. Rhys says:

    Will this be published in thhe UK?

  19. Adrianne says:

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait to read it…

  20. Dan Smyth says:

    Whoa. Now that is just really cool. Can’t wait to read it.

  21. For the apocolypse you can just come to my place. I have guns for everyone. Bring your food storage. :)

  22. Robert says:

    Late to the game, but WOW! looks amazing Dan!

  23. John Brown says:

    Dude, this is going to go nuclear. The title, cover, concept. You’re going to go big time with this one. Can’t wait to see just how big.

  24. WEKM says:

    FINALLY! An apocalypse I can get behind.
    This is going to be SOOOO cool. I can hardly wait.

  25. guitarman says:

    The cover is awsome
    i hope the german cover will be as good as this one
    wite on !

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