Week Eight of #PoetrySummer

I have conquered Prufrock! It was gargantuan, and it was kind of spread out over two weeks, but I memorized the whole text of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” In your face, modernism!

As always happens, memorizing the poem helped me to understand and appreciate it better. That’s such a wonderful poem. I’ve read it half a billion times, and memorizing it I swear there are parts I’d never even seen before. weird. Also of note, and I bet most of the Poetry Summer participants would agree, memorizing the poems has gotten easier every week. Hooray for exercising your memory!

This week’s poem is similarly long, but much simpler because it’s divided into discrete stanzas, it has a solid rhyme and rhythm, and I’ve already got about half it: “The Walrus and the Carpenter,” by Lewis Carrol. I won’t post the whole text here because it’s huge, but you can read it here.

2 Responses to “Week Eight of #PoetrySummer”

  1. I think memorizing a classic poem each week is a great idea! I looked over Prufrock again and saw just how much of it I remembered from my college days and how very much I had forgotten. I actually cheaped out one year for Halloween and dressed as Prufock. I had a crown that my theatre major room-mate had made and when anybody asked I replied, “I am not Prince Hamlet, nor (am) meant to be.” It worked well enough among the college girls, but I wouldn’t want to do it now.

  2. Holy cow. Yeah that’s a long one. Can you remember the other ones you memorized?

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