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The OVER YOUR DEAD BODY outline contest!

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Not these outlines: my-book-report-blank-form

THESE outlines: chalk body outline

The fifth book in the John Cleaver series is almost upon us! It’s dark and its sad and it will make you mad at me, and it’s my favorite book in the series. So I’m going to celebrate by giving away a prize:

The entire series so far, in trade paperback, signed and personalized. That’s all five books, with cheerful little messages written in the fronts, and then shipped right to your door. Logistics demand that the books be in English, but I’ll ship them pretty much anywhere in the world.

What do you have to do to earn this awesome prize? It’s simple:
1) Make a chalk or tape outline of a body in the most awkward/ridiculous/publicly conspicuous place you can think of.
2) Take a picture of your outline, along with any people or props you deem appropriate. Don’t be disgusting or illegal or otherwise obnoxious; this is supposed to be fun, not awful. Photoshop and other camera tricks are allowed
3) Post your photo online and tag me: I’m on Facebook (The Dan Wells), Twitter (@TheDanWells), Tumblr (@thedanwells), and Instagram (AuthorDanWells). Use the hashtags #OYDB and #JohnCleaver5. You can submit your picture to all four platforms, or just one; as long as you tag it, you’re good to go.

Post as many photos as you want, anytime from now until May 6, 2016. I’ll choose my favorite one and announce the winner on May 9. I’m most likely to pick one that makes me laugh or say “ooh, neat,” so be creative.

Good luck, and have fun!