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The Crimson Pact, Volume 5

Monday, August 5th, 2013

A few years ago my friend Paul Genesse started working on a fantasy/SF/horror anthology with a cool, shared-world premise: there was a world invaded by demons, and a righteous army that sought to destroy them, except when they finally banished the demons they learned that they’d been tricked: getting banished was the demons’ plan all along, as they were now spread throughout the multiverse, ready to wreak their havoc on a wider scale than ever. The stories in the anthology are all about demons, in any world and setting you can imagine, all linked by this central concept. It was a great idea, and I wanted to contribute, but it was right in the middle of my work on the first PARTIALS book and there was simply no time.

The good news is, the anthology was so popular he did another one. And then another one, and then another one. Now at last he has compiled a fifth and final volume, packed to the brim with demon-y goodness (or, I suppose, badness), and I’m delighted to say that I’m in this one! Hooray! Volume five pulls it all together, tying up some of the serial stories (Larry Correia and Steve Diamond, for example, have been telling a multi-part, intertwined masterpiece over all five volumes), and bookending the origin story with a climactic and terrifying finale. I am honored to have my story, about a twisted source of manipulation and madness, as the first chapter in the book.

The great thing about The Crimson Pact series is that while they’re connected, they stories are designed to stand alone. You don’t have to read them all to appreciate one, and you don’t even have to read them in order. Paul has even gone so far as to reprint the origin story from volume 1 here again in volume 5, so if you want you can just buy the one volume and get the whole story. My story in particular you can read and enjoy without knowing anything about the Crimson Pact at all.

It’s fantastic fiction, some of it dark and scary, some of it action-packed, all of it thrilling. And there’s a LOT of it–the book is huge. At $4.99 for the ebook it’s an absolute steal, and the hefty print book is still a deal at around $19.00.

What are you waiting for? Buy it today, and join the doomed glory of the Crimson Pact.