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Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Ready for some more I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER casting news? Today we get to look at the two characters who really make up the heart and soul of the story: Kay and April.

Kay CrowleyKay Crowley is a minor character, in some ways, but her role in the story is incredibly important. Lurking behind the surface is a love story, almost 50 years old, about a woman so wonderful she convinced a monster to give up everything and become human, to see our world with completely different, sympathetic eyes. Our Kay is Dee Noah, a wonderful local actor who captures that aspect perfectly, and she and Christopher Lloyd play off of each other like a pair of young lovers who wake up every day just thrilled to be with their best friend. Dee does a lot of theater; her imdb page only has two credits, because most of her work has been on stage instead of screen. What I really love about her is how well she knows Kay–she talks to the wardrobe department and the art department all the time about what, exactly, Kay’s clothes and home would look like; she’s become the resident expert, because she’s internalized the part so thoroughly.

(And no, don’t think that I missed the beautiful coincidence that our character who’s name is a letter is being played by an actress whose name is a letter. IT’S LIKE FATE IS WATCHING OUT FOR US.)

imageApril Cleaver is John’s mom, and next to John she is by far my favorite character in the series. I didn’t intend for her to be so important at the beginning–in the first draft of the novel she was just there, more of an obstacle than anything–but as I revised the story and honed in on the key features and emotions, her role just kept getting bigger. Nobody in the world loves John as much as April, and even though she’s not always good at being a mom she is always trying her best, with her heart on her sleeve, doing everything she can think of to help her son in any way she can. Our casting for April leaked early, and a lot of you knew who it was even before I did, but it’s now official and confirmed and I’m delighted to report that April Cleaver will be played by Laura Fraser. You are most likely to know her from one of three places: as Door in Neverwhere, as the blacksmith in A Knight’s Tale, and most recently as Lydia in Breaking Bad. I haven’t met her yet, because we haven’t gotten to her scenes in the schedule, but I’m a big fan of her work, and her wonderful mix of strength and frailty–she excels at playing women who plow ahead, in the face of all odds, even knowing that doing so could kill her. She’s going to be a wonderful mother to John, and she even looks like she could be related to Max Records. I can’t wait to see what she does with the role.

There are still a handful of big roles left to announce, and one of them in particular hasn’t even been cast yet–Dr. Neblin, the therapist, is down to two actors, and Billy is skyping with them this weekend to do a final interview. They’re both awesome, and I don’t envy him being forced to choose. As soon as I can, though, I’ll let you know who we got.